Tuesday, November 04, 2008

progress please

progress please
{the building by my apt}

time to vote.


waiting in line
bright & early.

it took
2 hours.

i can't tell you
excited i am
are lining up
for hours
and hours
to vote.
i have never
felt such
an election day.


i still get
every time
i vote.
ever since
i first cast
my ballot
in seattle
in 1998.


we are
with friends
and waiting.


Swedish Vodka, Danish Aquavit,
Lemon, Guava, Crème de Violette, Homemade Orgeat,
Blue Curaçao

The McCainiac
American Whiskey, Silver Tequila,
Chartreuse, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Grapefruit Bitters,
Red Curaçao

we wait.

i can
hardly wait.



shari said...

hi gwen!

we voted today at our little town hall...no line...and paper ballots. it was quiet but still nice. i tried to imagine all of the folks who have voted in that beautiful space. grub's cocktails sound good. xo

RunGirl. said...

Today is the day!! I am soo excited as well. I took a 3 hour lunch to go volunteer with the Obama Campaign.

And I found your blog randomly a week ago (I have been lurking) and have since added you to my blog roll.

Neat stuff you got here ...

metropolitan homeless said...

i love yr blog & visit it everyday. vous etes vraie artiste xo mcm

Rachel Joiner said...

I love that everyone is so excited to vote - it gives me hope!

K and/or K said...

I love that building. It would cheer me to drive by it.

Anonymous said...

And in France we are waiting with you !!

Janet said...

I recently found your blog & LOVE it. I felt the excitement in the air today too...and was so thrilled to be a part of it. I just voted and cannot wait to see the outcome. Obama!

The Rambler said...

On my way to vote in less than an hour...All the way here in Hawaii :)...Obama all the way!

artsybee said...

I made a cake with that same picture on it for my mom's Obama party! I too am celebrating with some friends shortly, enjoy the party!

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way on election day. and today. so much more so. i tried to vote at 645 am, and when i drove by (and decided i would go back later because the line was so long) and saw all of the cars, i started to cry. so exciting.

lisa solomon said...

the waiting is killing me.....

so good you have a cocktail maistro

MichelleDoll said...

nice. =]

mrs.missalaineus said...

the school where i teach is a voting precinct and we were lucky and had school and got to watch the political process in action.

your blog is interesting. i am glad i happened upon it whilst on an internet wander.

visit the alemanac anytime!

Anonymous said...

You have a very beautiful blog.

Obama won!!!

Outburst...sorry. :)

joe shlichta said...

In the opinion of a professional bartender, any drink that mixes whiskey and tequila is trouble.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe (probably the only agreement all election season I will have with Joe!)--those cocktails sound AWFUL.
How about something straight up to keep one's vision clear--may I suggest either a stately, classic bourbon (McCain) or a slightly dry champagne (Obama).
Let's raise the glass of our choice and have a heartfelt toast to the end of the Christine-Gregoire-sacrifices-babies -and-drinks-their-blood/Dino-Rossi-is-gutter-slime commercials.

Michelle said...

hi there...
i stumbled across your blog through - blogs of note...
love your dress style...
truly amazing am adding you to my blog list...
even in australia we have had constant updates on the election....it was mammoth...

izzie said...

well, first gotta say: Congrats... and yes I feel the exact same way here when I get to votting day =)
And... well the drinks sound good to me... although I think I'm more of a "hope" girl...

Anne Thompson said...

Hi! I found your blog a while ago, and enjoy it! Iøm following from Denmark - glad to see Aquavit was on Obamas side :-) And congratulations. I too have hope. Yes we can!
(My blog is: praestens.blogspot.com - unfortunately it's in Danish)

f. pea said...

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Hubby and I voted last Wednesday when the lines were pretty short. We anxiously watched the election reports on ABC, while discussing with 12 yr old and eating pizza. Very education for him, and exciting for us. I blogged during the night at: www.thorntonwilliamsfamily.blogspot.com ... Enjoy! Vikki

CJ said...

hi, really cool blog. you are a talented poet/writer. i am new to blogger and i've started a blog about my melodramatic life. please check it out and give me any suggestions you have!

Alichka said...


Drove up 14th St last night, words can't describe, and I seem to be getting choked up every five minutes.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures....neat blog.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures....neat blog.

Sassy Scrubs.com said...

Great photos. Interesting blog. I hope you'll visit my blog to enter our blog contest. My pictures aren't as cool as yours, but still....

Cil Bear said...

I left early from work to vote with NO line. Of course, I'm in VA, not DC. But it was such an exciting day. Yes we did!

LBB said...

Nice Blog. Very interesting.

I think we should start a petition to make Election Day and the Day After Election Day, national holidays. You can feel the festive spirit in the air... and it's not just because Thanksgiving is coming.

Kotki said...

Hi there, Iam from England and iam so glad that obama won in fact everyone i know was so excited about it, i got a txt this morning from a friend saying "happy obama day" lol x

Anonymous said...

What an exciting time! History is made!


julie said...

yay! congratulations - very exciting!!

Andi said...

i like Swedish vodka :)

nice reading

Anonymous said...
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Nadya said...

Sweet photos. I take really, really atrocious pictures. It's quite sad but sort of endearing.

Anonymous said...

hooray for obama! I knew he would win. voting this week was so much fun. the joy was palpable! those cocktails sound delicious. :)

Unknown said...

Progress.At least.Will be possible Social Security in America?.I hope so.

Fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to America for the Obama win, I love that you celebrated with special cocktails :) -How exciting it must have been to take part in such a historic event.

Anonymous said...

check out rightisright111.blogspot.com
you nuts!

Mindy said...

I really like your blog. I love how you write and all your wonderful colorful pictures! I'm coming back for more for sure =)

I agree, there is Hope for our future, filled with changes.

rechart said...
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Ms Leaney said...

Yay Obama. Congrats USA - Such wonderful news footage of people willing to line up for hours. It warms my heart.

Yasmine under acid said...

I'm french and i'm very happy for the united states, Obama is very popular in my country !

Calabar boy said...

I am glad to mention here that our own Obama won