Friday, October 31, 2008

thank you

not in costume.
i am humbled.

thank you...
blogs of note
the lovely mention.
all of you
your sweet comments
it made my
i was
thank you.


happy halloween!

this is J-bot.
he's from
the distant future.

of the distant

next week.

family portrait

let it
big win.

a great


Sherry said...

I found you through Blogs of Note and now I've added your blog and your trinoculars. I am the oldest of 5 and would love to do something like this with my siblings that are all over the U.S. You are inspiring!

FrugalNYC said...

very interesting site. Congrats on the blogs of note!

artsybee said...

Your blog has such a unique feel to it, and I heart your fashion sense!

Alex Sunday said...

i found you via blogs of note too, and will certainly be back regularly. fingers crossed for the election too! i may be on the other side of the world (with a federal election next weekend too), but i know how much the outcome there will affect us all! so don't forget to vote americans! (unless you plan on voting for the evil team - then you can just stay home). :)

Rick said...

Congrat's on the blogs of note thing. I don't normally check it, but did just now and the name of your blog caught my attention.

Cute couple - interesting pics.

Watson said...

Great blog! ... but HOW could you not prefer chocolate above all else in creation??? :-) Well, ok, vanilla is good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through Blogs of Note as well and you're one of my favorites by now! Complimenti:-)

I'm from the Netherlands by the way - and it's great to see how you play with words, emotions, colours and your personal style - wish that style could be mine but it's definitely yours!

lisa solomon said...

you deserve all the praise you can get my friend. you are more than just a blog of note....

hope you and grub have a great weekend!!

Unknown said...

I heard about your blog from the Blogs of Note and I am really enjoying it!

TheRex said...

first of all congrats, secondly it will be a landslide win, Hopefully..

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a Thai I like your clothes : ))*

PS. I not excellent English.

mendicellis said...

Hi, I'm emanuele mendicelli, your blog is very interesting.

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Anonymous said...
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Bean Brian said...

Interesting site, its pretty off the wall I like that. Do you like the Lakers or the NBA? If you do check out

joycy said...

just stumbled upon and all the pictures look great

Unknown said...

Amazing site! just stumbled upon it! :) Thanks for sharing your pics and clothes!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Wonderful Blog! Love your pictures ... they display your handiwork in a fun way!

Congrats on being Blog of Note!

Small Footprints

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blogs of note. I just started checking out your blog and found some really cool designs.

I also like the layout of your blog and the graphic for your biz at the very top. That graphic is quite cute!

Enjoy the day and yes Go Obama!!!

Janae B said...

I also found you through blogs of note. I admired the knitting. I guess I need to take it up. I have a nephew who has a 1 year old daughter diagnosed with cervical cancer and they had to shave her head this week because she was losing it all to chemo. Her neighbor knitted her the cutest hat and I thought how neat that would be to make them for little cancer patients and donate them. It will surely keep her head warm during the cold winter months. Do you have any suggestions of an easy pattern? Or maybe even a place where I could buy some because I probably won't have time to make any since I will be trying to help them take care of their other 3 children? Thanks.

Theresa said...

Love that dress!

Michael Wong said...

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i'll link to you first, then when you have time, link back. :)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

happy day! love what you do! thanks to blogs of note I found you!

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Ariane said...

very nice page! :D

Francisco Martins said...

Hey there! Nice blog ;)
Congratulations on your blog of note thing!

Anonymous said...

hey..I found your blog from the blogs of note too..
I like you blog very much
simple & nice...

Anonymous said...

Aww love your outfits as always, congrats on your blog of note (so very much well-deserved)! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

TheRex said...

If your into politics, check out my blog,

Stacey said...

just found this lovely blog of note...what a treat, you have such adorable posts :)

Cate said...

Congrats on the Blog of Note. Well done! Because of #30 in your list of 34 things about you, I feel compelled to share with you that I have a fondness for stupid jokes. One of my all-time favorites is: What happened to the cat who swallowed a ball of yarn? She had kittens!

Michael Lockridge said...

Once again Blog of Note allows me to see into someone else's life. Your blog is delightfully poetic, even in the visual elements. A free-form here-I-am kind of poetry.

Art and science need not be mutually exclusive. I always prefer it when they are not.

Congratulations on the Blog of Note.


tutietutu said...

I also came via blogs of note. I will definitely be a regular!

Shravan Vijayaprasad said...

You definitely deserve to be in the blogs of note:):) Unique!

Happy halloween:)

z0rd said...

I have to say your blog is very original and sincere.
I´m from Portugal and my blog is where I expose my deepest feelings.
So...Congrats from a portuguese fan of your blog.
Gon on ´cause it´s really gooood.

Melania Szinger of WEALTH-INSPIRED BOOKS blog said...

Goin thru yr blog reminds me of this quote from Bratz: "Passion for Fashion."

Way to go!

Melania Szinger
...inspiring wealth into your life

Anonymous said...

Congrat's on the blogs of note thing :) :) :)

ThrtnWmsFam said...

I also found you through blogs of note and love your insight and vision. Photos are fantastic! Congrats! Vikki

Cheryl said...

Hello! I've just come upon your blog and plan for many visits back. CONGRATS on being a Blog of Note! How utterly cool. I've just started blogging and it is so fun! Thank you for your beautiful color tights! I used to wear them all all all the time and got away from it the more grownup I got. Silly really- the getting away from them, that is.

Anonymous said...

Awsome blog! ;)

izzie said...

They brought me here too... so I gotta thank also!
I just love J-bot... it's awww-able!

C.S. Perry said...

I'm sure that Sen. McCain appreciates your well wishes. I know he looks forward to a landslide victpry.

Anonymous said...

very interesting blog. nice work

Pang said...

this is the reason why i check Blogs of Notes every night (alright, every other night). i must say i fell in love with your blog the minute i laid my eyes on it...your photographs are beautiful, i love your sense of style, and your crafts are great! keep up the good work!

Kerubin said...

Love your blog's photos and colour, nice compositions. And the J-bot is really cute!!