Wednesday, October 15, 2008

for the love of grey

finally friday

i mentioned
i love grey?

i know
is the
to wear
i prefer grey.

nyc: butterpony's place
{butterpony's room}

i had a
goth black
{i was a child
of the 80s afterall}
i don't wear
black much.
one big reason...
i have
a white cat.

{birthday gloves for my sister}

i like
that it
is spelled
2 different ways...
so i can
the spelling
on my mood.
do you

suzy's sweater
{birthday sweater for my sister}

wish my
a belated
happy birthday!

urban path: for shari
{urban path for shari}

you all
lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Gray sounds more open, the colour in gray. Grey sound like the foggy part of it to me. I prefer gray, too. Black phase lasted a few weeks (in the 80s...)
Like visiting here!

shari said...

i always write gray. you look so pretty in gray by the way. thanks for sharing an urban path. hope your weekend is fun. xo

amisha said...

i say gray more often... but either way, i love it. and that beautiful new sweater, and the way that gray is so pretty on its own, and when it's placed up against another color (like that great yellow in your top pic).

KatDee said...

Gray is far more visually interesting than black - it sets the stage for other colors.

f. pea said...

Your sister's bday sweater came out beeyooootifully!

jo :: feather and thread said...

I think in the Uk we only say 'grey' so sometimes I like to be a rebel and think 'gray'!...beautiful grey/gray photos...x

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly fond of grey heathers. The dispersion of color gives it a nice depth, especially if it's in a relatively large area, as in a sweater. Now that I think of it, I don't think I have enough grey in my wardrobe; it seems to be mostly black and brown.

johnny said...

Thanx for making my room look purdier than it is.....

Anonymous said...

i love gray too! in fact, there are so many things in your 'about me' page that is similar to mine. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the stripey dress! I write grey (is that British?) I have too much black in my wardrobe :P

CaptainBananas said...

Happy belated birthday, sis! :)

Captain B from NYC

Shakti said...

i love the grey and yellow combination...

ALittleGuitar said...

I often stumble down that same urban path. Viva DC Metro!

Anonymous said...

Lots of booze in that bookcase!

Jewel said...

I used to be married to a Gray.

Anonymous said...

want. those gloves.

gregrum said...

I surley hope that if you have a white cat, that you have grey or white furniture. My kids have a white dog, and the hair is everywhere,cant stand it! boo,hoo, for me.

Neo said...

there are horoscope readings that will tell you your "power color" mine is grey

Ellen Sharpe said...

I had a similar post on my blog, but about grey as an interior design color. I have no idea either if it's grey or gray! Either way, love the post and the blog.

Anonymous said...

black is, haha,
but since i have skin with yellow tones in it, i really have to watch with what color to combine gray. That's why i love purple! Glad I found your blog, and i like the appearance: clean, minimal style

gamgee said...

sweet style.

Anonymous said...

good post