Tuesday, October 21, 2008

enough already

it ain't easy

i know.
too much
here lately.
but i have
to knit
new sweaters
or the fall
i have to
projects first.

neon sweater
this has
been sitting
in my basket
for months
just waiting
to be hemmed.

i will
have some
to show
you soon
a show
i am
participating in
in seattle.
i am not
a good job
all the things
on my plate.



Anonymous said...

why is it sometimes so difficult to juggle what's on our plates? the sweater is such a luscious color.

shari said...

the sweater is fantastic gwen. i wish i could wear that color! xox

lisa solomon said...

how cute is your sweater? esp. with those socks and shoes...

jo :: feather and thread said...

oh wow, love this colour! beautiful pics...x

Elise said...

That color is lovely. I especially like the varaiation in tone in the top of the sweater and how it forms a few stripes. So lovely.

f. pea said...

ooh, i love how it turned out!!

Anonymous said...

Push on regardless, my Grandad would say!

amisha said...

i don't think there can be too much knitting :) love the new sweater and its vibrant color! and so cute with your socks. xo

wendy said...

what a fantastic sweater!
how cool is it that you have shoes to match!
you rock.

Zamzam Design said...

Ooo... I love the sweater. Beautiful color! I wish I could knit.

Anonymous said...

I love the bright green jumper, green socks and shoes! Such a great way to brighten the cold autumn days.

My Year Without said...

your use of color is incredible. i don't often see people wearing such vibrant colors.

i remember being in the 6th grade and beginning to express myself through clothing--whereas most of my friends were wearing name brands, i could not get enough of bright colors. i found a picture of myself recently, wearing the most hideous but amazing outfit. my mother must have known exactly what she was doing when she took that picture.

i was wearing a bright green t-shirt with a purple shirt showing underneath, white cool-lots (sp?) with colorful stripes and polka dots, and then underneath i had bright purple tights which i complimented with pink, high-top converse shoes with red laces!

it's too bad that i had grown out my 5th grade mullet by then...

Anonymous said...

Green huges are my favorite. This past summer I added a few lime colored items. I love to chrochet. When I get a chance I will take pictures and share some of my creations ~ mostly afgans :)

Katie said...

beautiful shade of green!

Explore & Grow said...

Love the sweater! Fantastic color!
What a great blog you have!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater.

Rhaingel said...

The sweater, shoes and socks are soooooo wonderful. Really cute. and I love the color. So gorgeous. :D

Luciana DeVito said...

Found your blog by chance and lo and behold, a knitter like myself! Love this sweater color and simplicity of lines! Great work!

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater. I just started knitting and there is no such thing as "too much"!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful it hurts my heart and/or eyes. I'm green with envy of that sweater and those socks! well done, and such a pretty blog!

George said...

oh, exciting!

Kjersten said...

Cute stuff! I love your style. It gives me hope to get beyond my stay-at-hom-mom-board-shorts-flip-flops-hair-in-a-ponytail-vaccuum.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!

Mrs. Tomacina Wuthrich said...

Looking at that sweater was so delicious! Both the texture and color worked so well together.

Silly Willy said...

Amazing colors, fun buttons... I wish I had a sweater like that!