Thursday, June 26, 2008



our newest
family member,
new kitten,
b e a r.

his name was
inspired by
his enormous
polydactyl paws
his love of
turning over
garbage cans.

like his
he too
comes from
a port town
polydactyl cat's
was valued by sailors
because they
could climb the ropes
after rodents,
it is less prized
by me
he has
to scale
the kitty fence
we built
to keep him
out of
spot's territory.
i am already
on the new
and improved
so glad we
an architect
in the house.



famapa said...

hello bear, what a handsome little fellow you are!

eshu said...

i adore him

rather than cramping up his flickr spot i figured i would tell you here that my neighbor's cat is somewhat like Bear.

her name is Loki, she's white, pretty and has opposable thumbs.

the first time she met Henry she punched him in the face!


shari said...

hi bear. aren't you a sweetheart.

and hello gwen and grub too.

peachey said...
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peachey said...

greetings, bear!

i recently wrote about our two cats as well:

wendy said...

good thing he's cute otherwise it wouldn't be as fun that he is such a handful.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

gasp! what a cutie. congrats!

Jenna said...

Welcome home, bear!

Molly said...

oh, what a sweetie! :)

jen said...

oh my, so cute! hello bear.

suzamaphone said...

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! so cute! and handsome, too.

Anonymous said...

Introducing... one super handsome lovely one. Bear! Ah, what a honey.

see you, g xo

Joetta M. said...

what a cutie. I call one of my cats "bear" though it is not his name, but like a teddy bear he loves to be hugged.

Anonymous said...

absolutely too cute.

f. pea said...

OMG KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can i come over and rassle with him?

driftwood shack said...

what a clever bear! you should distract him from scalling the gate by hanging toys from it!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a pretty kitty! So exactly how many extra toes does he have?

MWM said...

welcome bear!
you are so handsome!
and you look just like our fritz:)
I hope you are as mischievous as he is.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Bear. You're absolutely gorgeous. If I could I'd give you a big cuddle and ear tickle. xo lj

lisa solomon said...

aw. hello bear.
you two must be busy and happy.
[moe was polydactyl]

scaredy-cat said...

He really is a beautiful cat!

Anonymous said...

Hehee....a cat named bear and a purpose built fence by an architect? that's just too funny.

Anonymous said...
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