Tuesday, July 01, 2008


34bday: grub card

year of the
wood tiger

(card by grub)

i turned 34.
i spent it
in gettysburg.
i am a freak
shelby foote
and the ken burns
civil war series...

34 goals
this year:

1. learn to play 1 song
on my ukulele

2. visit another country
(brazil in february!)

3. sell/exhibit my polaroids

4. save for a digital SLR

5. pay off old debt

6. get into contact
with an old friend
(alexandra daniel)

7. be a better friend

8. take my vitamins

9. yoga 1x a week

10. always write
thank you notes

11. call the parents
1x a week

12. write to my aunts
1x a month

13. spend less money

14. take all day cycle trips

15. visit orcas island

16. tour the white house or capitol
(more difficult than you'd think)

17. practice french

18. get rid of stuff,
especially clothes

19. go to the top of the space needle

20. go to the top of the washington monument

21. go to the top of the empire state building

22. visit vermont
(shari & scott here i come!)

23. keep a day planner
(i keep forgetting things)

24. visit silvanna's grave

25. make collembola doll

26. snorkle

27. visit catalina island again

28. read more for pleasure
at least 1x book a month)

29. mail box to alexandra
(i have meant to mail it for 10 years!)

30. finish old projects

31. don't lift heavy things

32. create a cohesive
body of artwork

33. participate in
an art exhibition/show

34. be a better blogger

34bday: segway tour
my chariot
(grub surprised me
by booking
a segway tour
of the battlefield)

a bday highlight
was a gift
from my sister...
from paulette:

34bday: fancy macaroons

i have been
in love
with macaroons
since i tasted
them at
pierre hermé
in paris.
what a decadent
birthday surprise-
thank you suzy!

more soon.
thank you
so much
for reading...


shari said...

so happy to see vermont on the list! hooray. your birthday sounded like tons of fun, and i like your list. i should make one too. xox

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, gwen!

i nod my head "yes" to so many items on your list. 25, please. and we ought to talk about 16. (and 33.)

may it be a year full of goodness and wonder.

hannah said...

happy birthday gwen! such a good list. i'm doing #4 also. what are you wanting to get? for me it's the nikon d80 with a 50mm lens

hannah said...

ps. i just booked our tickets to sfo in august. yay!!

Eero said...

Happy Birthday!
You look SO CUTE on your Segway....


Molly said...

Looks like a wonderful list! :) Happy birthday!

suzamaphone said...

yay! you are so adorable on the segway. thanks for posting the cuteness.


Anonymous said...

simply fantastic list. i try to make one every year but only get partial parts completed. Good luck and Happy Birthday!

johnny said...

I like the idea of a goals list for the coming b-day year...I'm gonna rip you off!!!

scaredy-cat said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great birthday!

lisa solomon said...

happy birthday [again]
so glad we chatted this morning....

that is quite a list you've got going

Amanda Jean said...

happy birthday to you! I so enjoy your blog. I don't think you need to work on that one at all. ;0)

Annemarie said...

a belated happy birthday!!!
sounds like you had a great time.
miss you...

robin ann mcintosh said...

<3 happy birthday. great list of aspirations : )

wendy said...

happy birthday!!!!!
love that list.

MWM said...

happy birthday gwen:)
wow-what a list!I hope you can do at least half of these things this year. That would be an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and photos! Happy birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gwen! What a wonderful list of things to accomplish, I love the segway - looks like so much fun :) Enjoy your special year.

jo :: feather and thread said...

happy birthday!... all sounds fab especially 3!...x

amisha said...

happy birthday gwen!!
you are so cute on your chariot.
and your list is awesome. i think i need to make one for 30 too.

joe shlichta said...

happy birthday.
i think silvana was cremated, by the way.

IncogKnito said...

I love your blog. I've been following it for a long time now. I love that you want to see Vermont as I was just there visiting my family. BEAUTIFUL! Also, I was curious how you changed your banner to something cool because I don't know how to do that on my blogspot blog. www.knititinthebud.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

great list! i did something similar for my birthday this year (30!)