Wednesday, April 02, 2008

need another week here

sea ranch condo
(photo by grub)

this is
i spent
most of last week.

i could look
at the ocean
all day.
so i did.

most of my
are on film...
but here
are a few

salad at ubuntu
a gourmet
vegetarian restaurant
that meets
my expectations.

. . . . .

puzzle-piecing with a view
unexpected visit
from dear friends.
i forgot
how much fun
puzzles were.

. . . . .

sea ranch kite-flying by sunset
flying a kite
by sunset.
next time
i am bringing
my own kite.

. . . . .

beer tasting
this year
we did more

. . . . .

our guestbook entry
this year
we finally
did an entry
in the guestbook.

more when
the film
comes back.

hope you
are enjoying


María José Zabala Herrera said...

i just love your entry on the guest book!!!!

been missing your posts lately and wandering what were you up to...

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful tranquil place to relax...looking out into the ocean
(heavenly! sounds like you had a fantastic time). Loving your sketches in the guest book, absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

looks divine. (i feel the same about the ocean.)

and if i get a guest book, will you come sign it!?

welcome home.

KatDee said...

Next time, you should come try the vegetaring restaurants in Berkeley/Oakland. We have a Cafe Gratitude and Herbavore.

It was so fun to see you guys again!

lisa solomon said...

i need a week there too....
so sorry i missed you...
[your guest book entry is divine]

amisha said...

sea ranch sounds like such a wonderful and relaxing escape. i heart your guestbook entry too :) happy spring gwen! xo

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love your pictures and drawings :)
I never heard of Sea Ranch and now I think I want to go there for our next vacation...

Deb said...

found your blog on the blogs of note space. . . thank you. i'm looking forward to following you and being inspired - like with this guestbook entry.

dare to be different indeed.