Friday, March 21, 2008

going to california

SFtrip: clothes plan

i am off
to california
to stay
sea ranch
for a week
(previous trips

can you
my color scheme?

tops & bottoms

accessories & planner

i have added
a little table
(aka "planner")
to my travel
to make
sure i only bring
that actually
go with other
you know how
you bring
that one great
but then it
with anything...
i hate that.
no more
new &
planner table!

i am obsessive.

i will
miss you
be back

ps i am
not going
topless friday-
just hadn't
decided yet.


industrialpoppy said...

I was so excited to see your "wardrobe planner" ... I do the same thing and travel lighter and look better than anyone I know:)

Eero said...

Whoa...the planner takes it to an entirely new level. Admirable.

Jane said...

your wardrobe planner puts my list to shame. and it's pretty, too! i love it. have fun .....

Amy said...

Had to laugh at that last part of your post - I was thinking, wait! I don't get the system! Why are there only pants on Friday?
I love this and wish I was that organized.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gwen, you have got to be the most organised wardrobe planner ever! I hope you keep these drawings, have them printed into a book? So beautiful and adorable of you - have a lovely trip!

Anonymous said...

safe and joyous travels.

(i can not get over how much i love your travel planner.)

wendy said...

love the planner...sea ranch is so beautiful. have such a amazing trip!!

Anonymous said...

wow, I'm impressed and inspired! I'm a terrible packer, but I love your planner!

f. pea said...

oh my god, your planners always crack me up. have a fabulous trip!

just me said...

ooohhh there's one accessory missing..... ;-) have a great trip, i'll hold the fort!

Anonymous said...

i expect to see you in lots of green.

Cerré said...

this is so $#@#$ rad!
Sorry for the cursing, but i love ur clothing idea. It's obsessive, but I love sea ranch.
peace out.


2 or 3

pungsnotded said...

Now THAT is what I call organized! Have fun in the sunshine that is CALIFORNIA!

Amanda Jean said...

oh, I love your wardrobe planning. so excellent.

Lisa said...

Oh, how I wish I could plan just of a fraction of what you do. I am a throw it at the suitcase, and it lands inside- it goes!

Enjoy your trip!!

amisha said...

i love your wardrobe planner so so much. hope you are having a wonderful trip gwen! xo

Sungopolis said...

Hi Bugsy,

I hope you're enjoying your fabu vacation. We all are anxiously awaiting your return ("we" being me and my yarn).

Other people and their yarn too, I suppose. But I can't speak for them.

Your wardrobe planner cracked me up. Somehow I thought you were kidding when you told me about your clothing scheme. Little did I know....

Anonymous said...

Belatedly wishing you a wonderful time in your wardrobe magnifique!

see you, g xo

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love these drawings. You should hang them up after referring to them over the course of your well planned outfit holiday. Hope you have a wonderful time. xo lj

MWM said...

this is just the coolest thing ever. and of course I like your palette:)
so do we get an update? did you wear everything just like you planned?

lisa solomon said...

you are so cute.
did i tell you i went on my trip w/ only coordinating colors A LA you??

Anonymous said...

that is the cutest planner and pictures ever! love it. :)