Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wednesday's white

week of winter whites


winter whites: inside


winter whites: outside

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. . . . . . .

i went to
the hopper exhibit
on the
very last day
that i am).
it was
and difficult
to really look
at each work.

this piece
i had to stare at
a long time


sun in an empty room

it's one of
his last pieces
painted only
a short time
before his death.
it had
a classic hopper
human figure in it
but he
decided to remove it.

it was placed
right before
the exit
and most people
rushed on by,
barely noticing it,
(after all
they had come
to see
but this piece
was so beautiful
and really
from my perspective,
the essense of
it took his whole
life to get to it.

i think it also
feels like
a winter white.

it also
this lovely song
the weakerthans



eshu said...

thanks for the Hopper info

you're such a good teacher, sweet and concise

Anonymous said...

My first "love" and I shared a huge adoration for hopper. So much so that it still kinda makes me hurt inside when I look at one of his paintings. But the love's still there.... I really love this one you show here, so very nice.

Leslie said...


And thanks for the Hopper primer. I'll be researching for more.

lisa solomon said...

hopper - the TRUE american painter of light....

i love that painting. i love that after years of figurative work near his death he took one out. probably reading into things, but still....

Anonymous said...

A beautiful entry on the work of Edward Hopper (intrigued by his work re. lisa's comment). Really love your winter whites photos too.

shari said...

hopper and winter white. lovely. beautiful polas. xox

f. pea said...

great post -- you snuck 'corners of my home' in there with the winter whites! hopper is so dreamy. i saw some of his drawings for the fist time at the deyoung last fall.

Janet said...

Ahhhh, that is my favorite Hopper. I've spent a lot of time wishing I was in that room...

Miss T said...

That's a stunning Hopper.

Sungopolis said...

I love that Hopper painting - it makes me want to pick up my brushes again. One of these days I just may do it.

Great post, bugheart. Keep'em coming.

jo :: feather and thread said...

just great polaroids, beautiful. i didn't know anything about hopper so thank you...x

Anonymous said...

hopper pictures really draw you in. this draws me in especially. i so like the quietness about his paintings.

such a great artist and such a big influence (on photography) in everything he did. thank you for pointing him out to me again.

amisha said...

beautiful. i love the way you describe this painting... the light is incredible.