Wednesday, January 02, 2008

fresh with no mistakes

i always loved
anne of green gables
after anne
made another
of her
had just
cried buckets,
she would say,
"tomorrow is
always fresh
with no mistakes in it."

that's how
i think
of the new year.

i love that thought.

i have heard
many people say
are silly.
i love them-
a chance
to try
to get it
this year...

so i resolve to:

1. try to want less.
my dad would
always tell me
"i want too much
of everything..."
it's true.
we live in
such a consumer
and are
we "need"
all my walls
covered in art
and every tiny bit
of space i have
is jammed with stuff,
i need to learn
to be happy
with what i have
and buy less.
this includes
passing things
on that i don't use
or wear.

2. take better care of myself.
i avoid going to the doctor.
i don't eat breakfast,
or take my vitamins,
or sleep enough...
i think this
has been taking
toll on me.
watching my parents age
and friends
deal with illness
makes me realize
i should
appreciate what i have
take care of it.

3. be more thoughtful.
as i get older,
i lose touch
with friends far away.
i want to be better
about cherishing
those people
who are important
to me.

i will try to...
write letters,
call more often,
remember birthdays
and important days,
as well as
for those
i see more often.
i will try to keep
up with blogger pals.

4. bake.
this is for grub.
he'd like me
to be the
baker in the family.
so more homemade
bread, cakes,
and cookies.
we'll see how
that goes-
i do love fresh bread.

5. focus.
this starts
from finishing little projects
focusing on big neverending ones
(aka my phd research).
unfinished projects
really stress me out.
less of those mean
a more happy me.

what are
your resolutions?

wishing all of you
a wonderful
i am with
i hope 2008
moves slower



nikkishell said...

Keeping in touch with family and friends far away (most of which are in the UK) is one of my personal goals. I have posted about my more crafty goals on my blog:
but my main goal is to 'Go with the Flow' and not try to be superwoman this year.
Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi bug, a happy new year to you!
overall love your list and goals for the new year, a wonderful and thoughtful list. i take all of them except the baking. i like the thought, that the path is always the destination and that is my destination for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have all good things lined up for 2008... it's sure to be a ripper for you and your dear ones.
And, yes, please can this year move a little slower than 2007.
see you,
g xo

Eero said...

Of course, I am a fellow uber-list-maker, so I have quite a year planned...

I realized that many of the things I want to accomplish are goals, not truly resolutions. I have 2 real resolutions:
1. Work harder and have more self-discipline.
2. Stop interrupting people when they are speaking (terrible habit!!)
My goals?
Go bike touring
Make 100 artworks (ha!)
Go to Europe

I like your all sounds very grounded and realistic.


Babelfish said...

Happy new year Gwen, I hope this year moves slower to allow us time to fulfil those wishes and dreams. To cherish friends and family, health (the things most important in our lives). I am learning to want less, my goal for de-cluttering, starting on a clean slate, purity and simpler living.

f. pea said...

happy 2008! i like your resolutions, though i think you are already very well on your way with most of them, particularly the thoughtfulness of loved ones and the passing things on to others. my favorite is the appreciate and take care of yourself resolution. maybe i should steal it... though i ALWAYS eat breakfast. missing a meal is just unthinkable. my main resolution is to grow more of our food and eat more of what we grow.

lisa solomon said...

your list is my list....

i love the little tank at the end there :)

amisha said...

happy belated new year, gwen! there were so many moments in this post where i was nodding... yes, yes, yes. we are sharing a lot of goals for this new year. and that anne of green gables quotes is one of my favorites.