Thursday, December 20, 2007

buttons & heath

i am off
to seattle...
i am so excited
to see
my family,
old pals
i get to see
she is moving
away from seattle
and this makes
me sad
because it
was a highlight
of my
home to see her.
but now
i can visit her
in a new place.

lisa s
we did not just
work on my
visit to sf.
we went to 2
i have been
wanting to go to
i heard about them...
the famous
{and secret}
button store
heath factory.
2 things
for which
i have,
as amy put it,
an unnatural love.

. . . . .

i have
a button lady
here in dc
who is wonderful
and i love
getting buttons
and chatting
with her
was button mecca.
i was overwhelmed.
i bought
many buttons
(but not as many
as i wanted)
i fear that
i barely
scraped the surface
of what she had.
she was a lovely
old lady
and i loved
to her chat
with lisa
as i looked through
the drawers....

i didn't know
there was
a heath factory store.
i learned about
when grub
and i started dating.
he had some old
heath from his aunt
and i was quite
smitten with it.

i bought
just a few items
as presents
(so i can't show them)
but here's
some of
my bowl/button booty.

not as well
lisa's buttons.

. . . . .

before i go,
here's one more
i finished
sewing tanks on...
this is my 2nd favorite
(but i have
a soft spot
for yellow).

i hope that you
all have
a wonderful
i may occasionally post
if i can
but otherwise
i am back on the 30th.

to all of you.


Erin Lang Norris said...

Wow Gwen, what a great trip you had!

That skirt is smashing! I have been big into grey and yellow together, lately.

Those buttons are so neat! I can't wait to see what you use them for.

Take care, have fun in Seattle! I've never been there but my husband really wants to go (as do I) so someday I will get to see it!

Carson said...

So much has been going on!
You look tres chic in your new hairdo :)
And I love that big red button.

lisa solomon said...

hey. safe travels back out here. you will be so close and yet so far....

i love that yellow tank skirt too...

talk soon!

julie said...

Button Mecca with Lisa must have been just heaven for you!!
Love your bowl..

Wishing you very happy holidays Gwen!!

shari said...

adore the heath polas. the closest i've been to the heath factory is flipping through the pages of my heath book. have a great time in seattle gwen. happy holidays and big hugs to you. xox

Eero said...

You'll be 2000 miles closer! Wish I could visit and say hi to ya'll...


f. pea said...

BUTTONS! drool drool drool! have a wonderful christmas, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

There's a fantastic little button shop in Melbourne that I think you'd just LOVE. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and holiday season. See you in 2008. xoxo lj

Babelfish said...

Oh gosh, the button store look massive (if we had a shop like that here, I think I could possibly spend all day there...) Love the beautiful tank skirt, have a wonderful Christmas break with friends and family.

amisha said...

happy holidays gwen... hope you are having a great visit to seattle! xox

bikeandbeer said...

hope the west is treating you well! nice new projects. so, are you using your sewing machine??? miss you... i am back and you will be soon! xo

Tracykins said...

I love that Heath stuff. And you've been a busy gal! Missed you at the shin-dig. Hope you have a happy new year!