Thursday, January 17, 2008

film: kwaidan

(moto, nyc)

. . . . .

another film
for abby's
beautiful film week.

when i was little,
(not sure how little
but when you
remember things
in patches of moments)
my dad piled
all 5 of us kids
into the station wagon,
drove somewhere
that seems far away
(long beach?)
to see a film

all i remember
were bits
and pieces
(i think that
i may have nodded off)
and the story of
hoichi the earless.

it is one
of my clearest
from childhood
and i never forgot
the frightening beauty
of that movie.

years later
i mentioned
this to my siblings
and each
and every one of us
felt the same way.
the imagery
of that
saturday afternoon
movie so long ago
was burned into
each of
our memories.

the trailer.



alyssa said...

Oh, Kwaidan, one of my most favorite films. Such a great poster!
Happy 2008, by the way:)

Babelfish said...

This looks like a creepy movie :P

lisa solomon said...

what a great memory[ies]

i love the poster

Carson said...

Hi Gwen
I had so much catching up to do on your blog! But it was worth the wait.

I think our minds must work similarly with the associations and memories :)

c x

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this movie yet but the images you posted remind me of The Pillowbook--haunting and gorgeous

Anonymous said...

one of my all time favorites. and it was the vista theater on sunset blvd that we saw it at. frightening and beautiful best describes it. it is up there on my top ten, along with blade runner, miller's crossing and the conformist.

Anonymous said...

that was me that made the above comment.