Friday, August 24, 2007

thursday's the new tuesday

umm, it's not
i am sadly behind
on the week...
since it's thursday
i am still stuck
in tuesday's
to do...

so here
are some
of the polaroids
from the past
few weeks...

brunch with

john cavanaugh's studio
is in
my neighborhood

for the
one in ten

tour of
an apt grub
is designing

. . . . .

i really haven't
with my photos
these past
i am just off
does that ever happen
to you?
times when you
feel that any
has completely
maybe i need
a vacation.

here's a purse
i did the other day...

i have a whole pile
of them to
for the
autumn line
that will be
sent off to
Seattle, DC,
NY and LA...



Anonymous said...

I always love your Pola's Gwen - they are spot on for me!!! But yes, i know this feeling when a break is needed. :)
I love the posters you have in your home!!
By the way, your shop was closed for the summer but this was opposite


lisa solomon said...

i wish thur was the new tues. i wish....

i am right there w/ you in feeling off about pics. haven't been able to take good ones. all bad bad bad. sigh.

but yours are actually beautiful. i think you are viewing them through bad finger eyes.

[grubs apt! mouth agape.]

hannah said...

i think the polas are lovely personally. but sometimes i get the shakes and cant take a clear picture to save my life. that drives me crazy.

f. pea said...

grub is such a great designer. his apartments are a lot like his cooking and his cocktails, i think... he is a wizard. an understated wizard. as for the pics... i am so in love with all your farmers' market polas. they always make me so happy.

shari said...

love the grub photo. :) gwen, i always think your polas are wonderful and these are no exception. i'm feeling off too so i know what you mean but..i do find these quite lovely. we had dinner with f. pea last night and of course, we missed you. maybe soon. xox

Eero said...

Oh, yeah...creative slump. Not as bad as artist's block, but almost as demoralizing.

Go to the ocean for a day or go camping...does it for me everytime.

Hey---is Grub getting shaggy?


Anonymous said...

oh buggest,
I understand you completely....there is never enough time in the day.
I also feel you on the subject of being in a creative slump...sometimes the well is dry :(
It will are too brilliant for it not to!

besides these polas are amazing...esp the flower ones..I *swooned* the instant I saw them....seriously.

and the shots of grub are wonderful :)

and that bag....*sigh*


nikole said...

i missed your little bowls!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes... know that feeling all too well. It must be one of those necessary things, eh? No fun to endure, but hopefully it never lasts too long (fingers crossed). It happens to me quite allot.
I love that first polaroid... shadows and bicycle spokes! And those floral blooms. Such a fan of yours, I am.
see you, g

Anonymous said...

I know the "I think I need a holiday" feeling, though I don't think your photos are off at all. On the contrary, Bugheart, I'm really enjoying them.

Anonymous said...

swooning over the bicycle photo and the adorable yellow PURSE! love!

Heather said...

Hmm... funny that you say that about your photos, since I was looking at this post and thinking I wish I knew how you got such great polaroids. I took about 70 of them this weekend, and none of them are nearly as great as yours!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, I really love this new set of polaroids especially the first one. Hope you get time off for a vacation soon.

Anonymous said...

love that apt! so beautiful. I think your photos are beautiful, as always!

amisha said...

your pieces for the one in ten auction are wonderful. and i agree with the other comments that i loved these polas... the beautiful colors and feeling of summer.... i do love seeing the world through your pola eyes.
but i understand that feeling of creative blahs too... i think a vacation is a very good thing for that.