Tuesday, August 28, 2007

saved by...

the fedex girl.

let me explain.

i have mentioned
that i was working
on two collaborative
pieces with eero
the synthesis show
in anchorage.

this entails
me doing
the first
half of
each piece
then mailing
them to eero
to finish.

a series
unfortunate events
that included
some fingers
scraping across
one of the pieces
while packaging
it for shipping...
i finally finished
shipped out
the pieces
this morning.
when i got
to the fedex place
the fedex girl said
it would cost
to ship it.
my heart sank.
i thought
i would just sit
down and cry.
she must have
seen it
on my face
because then
she whispered,
"i'll give you
my discount."
it ended up
costing $45.
i wanted
to jump
over the counter
and hug her.
thank you
so so much
fedex girl.
you saved me.

i am not sure
how i feel
about the pieces...
there was
a lot
of thought
behind them...
of biological

i wasn't happy
with the
will finish them
this week...
i haven't
given her
much time,
she does
a golden touch.

. . . . .

now for work
on my bird
off they flew.
more later
this week.

for all your
this past week.



Anonymous said...

So glad everything worked out in the end, your artworks are wonderful, can't wait to see the finished pieces.

eshu said...

karma has a way of helping out just when needed the most

i think the pieces are beautiful

f. pea said...

i love the fedex girl. did you take her out for bubble tea??? i also love these pieces, though i wish i could see them in person. leaf mining! so so so cool.

Jenna said...

Man, that's like a double smack in the face to have fedex charge that much. Of course, it worked out and you should be proud of your work.

I hope things start to look up for you - I'm thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Well done Fedex Girl!!! And this peices are fascinating...looking forward to seeing them finished xx

lisa solomon said...

i love random acts of kindness.

also incredibly interested in that box. wanting to see it finished!!

Eero said...

Awww....I have the Golden Touch?
So kind of you...

Bless the FedEx girl!

I may ship the pices to Anchorage after I finish them. The 12 hr. round trip drive is too much for me to do this week...urgh!

I am in love with the silver leaf piece! The blank side of the second double-box one is going to be so fun to do---I have a really yummy idea for it.

I talked to the show organizer. She's kind of tearing out her hair. She'll be so pleased with these artworks...

Great work!


comfies said...

these are beautiful. really beautiful.