Monday, May 07, 2007

week of polas





arcade fire show

trying to keep up
with scanning
so each monday
i will
my weekday polas.

. . . . .

this weekend
of driving.
we drove
to penland,
then chapel hill,
then raleigh,
then back
to chapel hill,
then back
to dc.

the highlight...
hanging out
my old housemates
two amazing

fpea and shari.

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Erin Lang Norris said...

wow! those are some great polaroids :)

sounds like a great weekend!

shari said...

hi there.
i had SO much fun on sunday with you and f. pea. looking forward to hanging out again very soon!! love these polaroids from your week especially the ones near the stream. xoxo

f. pea said...

the metro pola is my favorite. sunday with you & shari was so lovely. thanks for using the picture where it looks like i have boobs - you're the best!

amisha said...

beautiful week of polaroids... love the water ones and the lovely friends portrait :)

lisa solomon said...

gasp gasp lovely [esp. organge seat]

would have loved to hang out w/ you ladies... sigh....

Anonymous said...

Oh your polaroids are really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the one of the two girls at the end too ;) - i bet you had a wonderful time together!!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Your polaroids are really amazing, 3& 4 are my favourite (the angles are perfect)! Full of Spring/Summer colours, and of course the ladies are wonderful.

jen said...

lovely polaroids! so lucky you got to hang out with shari and f. pea. sounds like a fun trip.

Anonymous said...

gwen, those polas are gorgeous!!!
love the first pairing in particular - so beautiful!!

mari stolan said...

hey! i love ur wednesday polaroid. u like arcade fire? i love them, saw them in london and paris this easter. u should check out a band called Beirut. amazing stuff. mari/london

Anonymous said...

A week of polaroids - what a thrill! And what a well rounded week... full of many required things for happiness.
see you, g