Wednesday, May 09, 2007

tea for three

and i
decided to all
meet up
this weekend
when i
was coming
chapel hill.

shari met
f.pea and i
for brunch
at the
nc museum of art...
the food
was yummy
but our
pretty much
ignored us
after i asked
what brand
of tea
they had
shari and i
to get a side
of grits.
we were okay
up until
the grits,
after that
he would
have nothing
to do with

we were
the tea
so decided
to head to
chapel hill
more tea
and knitting!

we had
a lovely
in the sun...


{t is a born knitter}


it is true
that so
much of
we mean it to
or not,
comes through
on our blogs.
i was sure
that i would
shari in person
i was right.
i look forward
to many more
tea and knitting
with her.

it makes me
wonder how
see me through
my blog.
am i what people
expect me to be?
i wonder...

. . . .

i finished

for a very
patient lady
in france.
off it goes
with many
lovely little
orange treats.

until tomorrow.


alyssa said...

Lovely post. All I can say if it wasn't for your's and Shari's blog, today, I would by dying from boredom at my 9 to 5. Thank you:)

Eero said...

Well, I know you outside of the blogosphere, as well, but I see a lot in your blog....

My impression of you here is:

Lots of friends
Able to keep many projects going at once
Uber creative!


lisa solomon said...

hee hee - i love T knitting!!

and i have found that people are just MORE than what they are on their blogs. it just get personified.

so you are as lovely and amazing and wonderful as your words, photos, and creations!

f. pea said...

You are definitely MORE YOU in person than on the blog. The blog is just a little smackerel of the entirety of bugheart. But a nice one.

Thanks for a great weekend. It was so wonderful to see you, and to meet shari! And you are *great* with words, by the way... not just with yarn and cameras and paper.

shari said...

i still have grits on the brain!! maybe breakfast for dinner one night this week? i just have to say that i loved meeting you live and in person. ;) your blog is beautiful but nothing beats quality time face to face. chatting and laughing is much better than typing too. can't wait to meet up again soon!! xoxo ps: t says hi and thanks for the compliment. hee.

Erin Lang Norris said...

that purse is RAD.

i wonder that too...about how people view me through my blog.

Anonymous said...

From the great sunny pics its so obvious how you all got on so well!!! Not really surprising...:)
I see you exactly how Shari described you...
I always wonder what people think of me from my blog!!

And your bag is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, I love that you all brought along your knitting on a meet-up :) (t knitting in the picture is so adorable). It's lovely being outside, enjoying the warm weather with friends. You sound more lovely in person as you are on this blog, with your beautiful creations.

Anonymous said...

tea snob.

eshu said...

if i saw three ladies and a dude or two sitting, knitting and drinking tea in a park, or anywhere for that matter, i would stop and smile.

Anonymous said...

seems like a really nice blogger-ladies-meeting :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post, and very cute purse!

amisha said...

what a lovely post... i have often wondered what it would be like to meet a blog friend in person and what they would think of me, how writing + photos + personality intersect.
your new purse is my favorite yet. i love those colors so so much.

kr*st*n said...

i love the little bird on your purse! do you live in nc too? i live in raleigh...and was at the nc museum of art just the other day as well! we were going to eat at the restaurant, though now i'm glad we didn't after reading your experience. anyhow, lovely site. k

Anonymous said...

Sounds so wonderful to meet up in person... I'd love to do the same one day. I'm a rotten knitter but I'm more than willing to learn a few stiches between now and an airfare to the US.
take care, g xo
(PS I was lucky enough to meet two blog readers at Louise & my opening the other day, which was a thrill, and one other Melbourne blogger too.)

MWM said...

what an interesting question -I would guess that you are quiet, nice to a fault, able to sustain interesting and long conversations and a little bit quirky (in a good way:))

the purse is super cute, by the way. How do you get the bird to look puffy?

eireann said...

that purse is so sweet!