Saturday, August 12, 2006

piles ::: village friday

more packaging
this weekend...
so many
and prizes
to mail!

i discovered,
my last post,
make piles.
our little piles
from here
to there.

i am a
even noticed
i write

so friday
a few people
from school
came over
so they could
blackberry cocktails
and help me
out the best
came over
i moved
the piles
on the
dining room table

next to
the piles
by my desk

(we won't mention
the piles
on my bed)
after they left
i was tired
i moved
clothes piles
on my bed to
by the cubes

there are
the fabric piles

the desk piles

i swear my place
isn't a pig-sty!
i just have
a lot of
neat little piles
that i move
around a lot.

here are some
more items
to add to
my piles...

my finds for friday:

1. vintage pan

i love
this cookware-
the pot
i bought
a while back.
it's made
in holland.
we use
to have
these pans
when i was
a kid.

2. pyrex bowls

don't worry
they aren't
for me.
i am now
to my friend's

3. shot glasses

i love their shape.
grub doesn't
see how
long they last.

not a big haul
this week...
my mind was
this friday.
even the
can't calm
a stressed mind.

you all
had a lovely


Anonymous said...

Like shoes, you can never have too many piles. Endless possibilities.

Lisa said...

I love making piles, and my cats love pushing them over!

Are you going to share the final recipe for the blackberry cocktail with us? Pretty please...

Anonymous said...

Your piles are very orderly and color coordinated! They really don't look bad. Mine are quite messy and falling over- I need to learn how to make much prettier piles!

I like what you found at the village-maybe after a few uses of the cocktail glasses, your guy may like them better!

just jenn said...

I too have many piles around my house. Some are neater than others but all to well they are piles! LOL! :) Where did you get that bee print on the top of one of your fabric piles? I absolutely love it!

lisa solomon said...

heh heh... bring on the piles! i think i have some piles to rival yours ;)

we'll see, huh?

and i'm always amazed at the goodness you find at v.v..... and those tags... so cute [again!]

Anonymous said...

Piles... piles... piles... I can barely get to the keyboard for piles. There is a pile to my left, paper manly, and a pile to my right, predominately books. There is a pile of clean washing on the floor behind me, hastily saved from the clothesline before it rained... and a pile of journals to be knotted resting on the top of the low bookshelf... the cats are even looking somewhat piled... and there are certainly piles in my mind... a visual tower or two, or three, of things to be done and ticked off. It's starting to resemble a mini cityscape.
take care, grache
(And, thanks for the link)

shari said...

my piles rival yours i think. i have so so many piles particularly in my study/office. it's a bit out of control. when i try to clean it, i just end up making more piles and move the old ones around a bit and call it a day. xo shari ps: i LOVE your handmade tags.

julie said...

It seems we all have piles!!! The problem with mine are they are mixed piles...a paint pallette, a screw driver, a piece of ribbon and a pair of scissors...hhmmm.
I also share in the washing pile that moves to our bed in the morning and back to the sofa in the evening!!!!

Tracykins said...

I think you're either a piler, or you aren't. It comforts me to know there are so many others out there, just like me. They grow and shrink, but they're always there!

Anonymous said...

wanna come over and help me move around my piles, and maybe make them smaller and neater? :-)

nice finds, like your blog!

molly | said...

I LOVE your piles post. I am also a piler...i have one that goes from my bed to the basket beside my bed each day/night. You'd think I'd just deal with it already because i hate seeing it in my way when I'm ready to climb into bed every night.
It's good to know I'm not alone in my piling and rearranging of piles!

suzamaphone said...

the first rule of piles is that you DO NOT MOVE ANOTHER PILER'S PILES! i remember one time you stayed with me and out of the kindness of your heart (and maybe due to a little OCD), you organized my many little piles into one BIG pile. it totally freaked me out, not because it was really a big deal, but because those were my piles, man! i'm weird like that. i know you are too.

but if you were to come visit me now, i'd totally let you touch my piles (not dirty!), especially since there are fewer of them now.


Anonymous said...

what fun piles! you are the best packager ever, i can personally attest!