Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my life in piles

more on piles
some of my
are showing
off their piles.

the other day
i felt guilty
about the piles
on my bed
raised by
a catholic german)

so i organized
(see above):
- to be mailed
- to be altered
- to the cleaners
- to be donated
- to deal with (later).

but there were
still clothes
i couldn't
deal with
thus begins
the tale
of the
and dreaded
closet pile
[insert scary music]

starts as
a little pile
but soon it will
take over
the whole
you know the one.

but really,
when it gets
down to it
i am really
the true queen
of piles
at work...
where i live
a life of piles.
my office

your eyes)...
i have piles
of little
in growth chambers
to be fed:

of coccoons
to become...

and then
the lab bench

piles upon

now come on...
show us
your piles...
pretty please.


Anonymous said...

Love your piles! Me, have piles? Never...

lisa solomon said...

your piles are gorgous.... i love them... they are full of life and color! yay!!

Anonymous said...

ok :) The REAL piles are coming :)

Anonymous said...

Caterpillars in wee growth chambers and piles of patient moths... they look wonderful! I love the colour coded tabs and signs... beautiful. What does the little red heart denote, or is that particular one a fave?
Piles from my neck of the woods are on the way too... I'm game!
take care, grache

bugheart said...

you are so right!
i put hearts
on my
favorite ones...
the cutest,
pricklest ones
(i name them
but don't tell).

Funky Finds said...

So interesting to get a peak into your piles!

shari said...

oh i love your organized piles! and i have a scary closet pile too but i thought i shared enough scary things for one day!! now, what i really like are your piles of caterpillars!! that makes me smile. xo shari ps: i made a really really large pile of books today that i sorted by color. are they up on the shelves yet? um, no.

f. pea said...

Despite all the (not-so-scary) piles in your office, that chair by the window sure does look inviting.

Anonymous said...

i love seeing your lab space and all your handsome specimens!

suzamaphone said...

i've always loved how you label everything, but now i love even more that you label your caterpillars and mark your favorites with little hearts, too!

ach. i miss you. i miss your illustrated day planner, i miss your labeled storage boxes, your simple, yet arty signs and your collections of stuff.


Funky Finds said...

hey gwen...i got ready to mail your postcard off & realized i don't have your last name to put on it. please advise! thanks, jessica

kylie said...

oooo oooooh, i love your lab piles. i haven't been in a lab since 8th grade science! they always scared me for some reason but now i think i could be enticed back in particularly to watch moths morph into caterpillars.

KatDee said...
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KatDee said...

My life is all about piles these days (and bad spelling). I prefer piles to mere heaps, though.

(I have new fiberart on my blog; you might like this one :)

Bri Ana said...

You have the best piles. And patterns!

Anonymous said...

your catepillars are fantastic! it is too cute that one has a heart sticker!

Anonymous said...

Bugheart has bug piles!! I love it!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

have i mentioned that i love your 32 things about you!

Anonymous said...

I love those stacks of lab specimens, how i'd love to take the lid off and see one 'emerge'!

Carson said...

love your photos.
am inspired to document current pileage and share