Sunday, July 30, 2006

village update

a quick post
on astrid and
my pre-happy hour
value village venture.
here are
my finds for friday:

1. old clothespins

i have always been fond
of old-style clothespins...
but this:

sold me
on them
done by
some little kid?-
who knows
but i heart them.

2. jar

probably not
but the texture
on the glass
was cool.
in my apartment
one can always
use a jar
for buttons
simple syrup.

3. vintage vanity fair robe

i needed a robe
for the summer.
i love 1960s
vanity fair stuff.

4. 80s dress

i steer clear
of anything
from the 80s-
why buy something
you threw out once?

the 80s are stll
too vivid in my head
and i would rather
forget them...
but this was
one of those
50s revivals
in the 80s...
and so
molly ringwald,
john hughes' movie...
and 2 dollars
so i bought it.

5. vintage apron

another apron.

that's it
my friday finds...
of packages



julie said...

The pegs are very sweet and i have to agree with you on the 80's - soooooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!

lisa solomon said...

the clothepins.... sigh.... amazing....

i think that at least designers have the sense to NEVER use giant shoulder pads again? maybe i'm wrong. ugh. i hope i'm not wrong....

sooz said...

Oh my - of course - why didn't I imagine that connection before? John Hughes. Ah the memories. I spent a good deal of my undergraduate film studies writing essays about John Hughes, trying hard to analyse why they seemed to speak so well to my teenage angst. ANd wasn't it such a bitter irony that when Ringwold dumped Hughes to make a 'grown up' film she made a piece about teenage parenthood while Hughes was making a piece about grown ups having babies? And I don't think I could count the number of times I saw "Bueller, Bueller, has anyone seen Bueller?" "My best friend's sister's boyfriend knows this guy who knows this kid who saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavours, so I guess it must be serious." Did I spent too much time at the movies or what?!

cathy said...

love the pegs, love the little faces even more....

shari said...

the clothespins are too cute and you can never have too many aprons in my opinion! xo s

Tracykins said...

This weekend, I read an article about how chunky sweaters and leggings are cool this fall. Just say no.