Saturday, July 15, 2006

village freshness

i am a super city girl.
i grew up in LA
and have spent most
of my life in
a big city.
most of my friends
don't think of
inviting me
when they go
or hiking.
it's funny
i live in the city,
i spend most
of my days
in forests
on farms.
i have learned
since i began
in agriculture
that there
is nothing
more wonderful
than fruits
and veggies
straight off the plant.
i didn't know
that you
could eat
sweet corn
straight from
the stock stalk
without cooking it!
i was shocked
when i first saw
someone do it.
but now
i am often
out on the farm
picking tomatoes
and eggplant.
i love that
i can bring fresh veggies
home to grub.
they smell
so wonderful
so much better
than what
we buy in the store.
grub is
making fresh pesto,
cucumber & mint salad,
baking beets,
and concocting
other such
while i work
at school all weekend.

this friday
i did make a quick
run to the village
late in the day.
it was pretty packed.
i love
how the ice cream truck
just hangs out in front
all the time
with the music
i have yet to buy
an ice cream
as i never carry cash.

here are my finds for friday:

1. vintage bird mugs

there are 5
of these cute mugs.
i will put
some in a package
to 2 of my friends
who else
would like one?

2. talbot dress

ooh lovely dress!
some cute indie girl
in line
complimented me
on it.
i am so bummed
as it is just
a bit too big for me
anyone around a
36 bust
who wants
to do a swap for it?

3. bowl for dacia

i bought it for dacia
i don't think
an olive green bowl
will go well
with her
yellow and blue bowl...
if dacia agrees,
then it will be in
the great monday give-away™.

4. floral tablecloth

a tablecloth
bought for
the fabric.
i will share it
my friend mel.

5. misc.

an a-line pattern...
some weird items,
like an
inflatable rain hat(!!!)
and a
baby blanket holder.
i really just like
the packaging.

that was
my friday finds!

hope that
you all


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Puff the sun or rain hat! What great finds-I love packaging too. And I agree,you can't beat farm fresh vegetables.yum...

bugheart said...

i agree-
it's hysterical!!!
i am wondering
if i should
wear it around dc.

just jenn said...

Such great finds. I should do a post of my finds from the other day. I think that might be today's mission.

Funky Finds said...

I am loving that dress! I think I'm btwn a 34 & 36. What size is it?

Montreal Mama said...

Hi! I got a postcard from you Friday in the mail. (My internet was down until this morning). I am not sure what swap it was from. Can you let me know? It was a homemade card that you mailed to me (I'm Robyn in Montreal, Canada!)... Thanks!

bugheart said...

funky finds- it's talbots size 6.

knit and purl mama-
neither your email or blog
are listed
on your blogger profile,
so i hope
you look here again...
the postcard was for
nikkishell's handmade
postcard swap
a few months back.

lisa solomon said...

nothing like fresh fruits and veggies... yum yum

how do you always find such cool things??

happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cups and the dress is gorgeous. I can't believe you found a blow up rain hat, that's amazing!

MikaJ said...

those are nice mugs!
reminds me of my fav skateboard brand
with cool graphics.
i have to admit, a giggled when you
wrote "stocks" of corn...( ;

kylie said...

Those vegetables look gorgeous and I LOVE those cups...too cute

shari said...

oh yeah...fresh veggies! tom works on an organic farm in efland and we always have tons of produce. i would love your recipe for cucumber and mint salad. we just made fresh hummus with cucumber tonight as well as carrot and cabbage sesame salad. yum! love your finds! xo shari

Tracykins said...

An inflatable rain hat. How cool! And I am jealous of your tomatoes and peppers. My garden got such a late start, some of my plants don't even have baby tomatoes yet. Oh dear!

MikaJ said...

corn stalks...( ;

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... fresh veggies.

I received my skirt today. THANK YOU!! I love it and it fits great. I'll slip a few postage bucks in the mail- and I'll get thinking about a post card!

Anonymous said...

I love the tablecloth. I can't wait to start sewing!

suzamaphone said...

i miss my sweet little east coast garden tomato... i wish you were here.


julie said...

Nothing like fresh veg and fruit!!
Love the mugs and the bowl - great finds!!