Monday, July 10, 2006

already monday?

my weekends
are feeling
more whirlwind
i catch my breath
it's already monday.

i did get to
value village
there was
an interesting
mix of people
at the village
that day.
i usually go
at 2ish
but lately
i don't make it
there before 4pm.
so i see
a lot more
people my age
looking for
funky skirts
and purses.
people grab stuff
you have your eye on
so you keep an eye
on them to see
if they will put it back...
did that on friday
with much success!
i have to admit
i find the people
who bring their
books on collectibles
with them
and are
constantly referencing
these books
a bit annoying.
i mean,
don't get me wrong,
i look at the bottom
to see if it's a
fireking mug
or a chair made
in denmark
but not because
i want to sell it.
i feel like
some people
are more into
the thrift adventure
for making money
on ebay or something
i am in it for
the amazing find...
not to sell them
but things that are
too expensive
hard to find
i wouldn't be able
to normally have.
like one of
my most famous finds-
a practically new
leica camera
for $6.99!

here are my finds
for friday:

1. ashtray

i fell in love
with this...
these drawings
are great!
reminds me
of something
lizette might
a drawing
from which one
of her amazing
would come!

it's by marco
but grub and i
couldn't figure
out if it
was really done
by a kid.
the signature
looks like an adult
did it
but the drawings
are too perfectly repetitive
for a kid,
don't you think?
i think
this animal
needs to end up
on a purse,
don't you?

2. more buttons

i bought
a ton of buttons (left)
to get
a few big ones (right)
so the
rest will
end up
the great monday give-away™

3. vintage green dress

cute dress with
heart pattern
on top (left)
crazy green
swirl pattern
on bottom (right)
it ended up being
too big
i will make it
into a skirt.

4. green top

i am a sucker
for green
a sucker
for stripes.

5. melmac!

a blogger friend
of mine
collects melmac.
so i was thrilled
to find this for her
for only $1.81!
i love the colors
and am tempted
to keep it
but i certainly
don't need
another collection!!!

not a bad
village day.
i lost my cell phone
somewhere there.
soon it
will have a
and be
on the shelf
at the village!

that you
have seen
my new finds
here are
things for
you to
the great monday give-away™!

please check here
the great monday
give-away™ guidelines.

further notice
i am asking
that you
i kind
my budget
the next
few months
on shipping...
items are usually
under $3
to ship
in the usa.

check here
for other
monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. green yarn

this is
some more
very course yarn
in shades
of green.
felted bowls,
gift ribbon,

2. vintage tee for a Virgo taken!!!

i am a Cancer
so it's time
to pass it
to a lucky
it's tan,
very soft,
very 70s
and fits
a 34-36 bust.

3. buttons taken!!!

remember those
buttons from
my village trip
on friday?
here are
all the smaller ones
and gold ones
(i have an
adversion to gold).

hope there's
you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
i look forward to
your postcards!

i will post
my newest
give-away™ postcards

hope you
are having
a not-so-hectic


lisa solomon said...

i feel the same way about weekends lately!

that melmac is an amazing find. i miss thrifting. i haven't had the time.... sigh.... but i'll vicarously through you!

have a good monday!

Funky Finds said...

i love the green top you found! great stuff. :) Love the buttons, too.

Anonymous said...

Great finds. I think the ashtray was done by an adult...something about the way the name was written, little kids don't usually make their As that way me thinks.

f. pea said...

Funny that you included a link to your purses... Last night we were having pizza at Lilly's and this girl went WILD over my bugheart purse and I gave her your Etsy info. So if you make a sale from NC this week, you can thank me later with a Flaming Volcano.

just jenn said...

I would love to have those buttons. I am just now developing my button collection and that would sure help. Also, I would like the virgo tee as I am making a collection of Virgo stuff for my sister who is about to go off to college and enjoys her Virgo side.

Anonymous said...

if the melmac is available i'd love to give it a new home!!

xo, shanna (formerly pink rocket)

Anonymous said...

wait never mind! got confused i think! i think i mis-read

shari said...

hi there,
i can't believe it is monday either. on saturday, monday seemed like a l-o-n-g way off.

great finds...particularly the melmac and my personal fave...the green striped shirt. to me, it is the perfect summer top. so lovely.
xo shari

steller said...

i love green as well.. the only thing that is not green about me is my mind.. (yeah right)a guy i met in wealthymen dot com gave me a green top down superbeetle just like what i have always wanted...

Beta said...

What are you doing posting more yarn! We have a swap on Thursday. Are you coming? If you bring yarn to the swap....then you don't have to ship anything. Doesn't that sound lovely?