Monday, May 08, 2006

here's johnny ... great monday give-away™

my brother was
this weekend!
the weather
on saturday
was gorgeous!
we lounged around

before and after
an excursion to
the dada exhibit.

we went for a drive
in the countryside

and visited
the pope-leighey house.

there was a great
deal of eating out
and wine-drinking as well.
i am sleepy today.

johnny is here
until tuesday
he is out and about
on this rainy day
in dc
while i listen
to student
presentations on insects
all day.

last week
i tried to get
most of the packages
out for
the great monday give-away™
so those who claimed items
should be getting
in the mail soon.
i have run into
a bubblewrap shortage
so the traincases
are on a bit of a delay
sorry about that.

i have also decided
to implement
a new guideline
for the great monday give-away™...
i love you all
but i am
breaking the bank
on shipping...
so i am afraid
i have to ask
those out of the USA
to help me
by paying
the shipping.
sorry about that.
you know
i love all you
if only i were rich
and could send them
to all of you
free of charge
but until we find
a give-away™
sugar mama
or sugar daddy
we can all work together
to keep
the give-away™ going...
thanks for understanding.

i received 2 more
great monday give-away™
i wanted to
post them today
but i forgot them
at home.
stay tuned
for some

so without further adieu...
the great monday give-away™!
oh and don't forget to check here
for guidelines and other
monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. vested gentress orange tennis skirt taken!

another fabulous
VG item...
it is a small
tennis skirt
with the cutest
fish pattern.
if only it fit me!
waist: 26 inches.
length: ~18.5 inches.
it is lined
and in great condition.

2. vintage sleeveless top taken!

think sears
late 50s early 60s.
sleeveless, collared top
with floral pattern.
great with jeans
or capris.
bust: 36-40 inches.

3. yellow jantzen skirt

another jantzen
tennis skort.
this one
comes with a belt!
waist: 27-29 inches.
length: 18.5 inches.
great condition.

4. nu-dell tan canisters taken!

nu-dell is
a plastics company
that has been around
for at least 50 years.
i have many of their
red and yellow
from the 50s and 60s.
these tan ones are from that era
but don't fit with
my color scheme.
they have a neat little
plastic window
to see what is inside.
great for bulk items
or art supplies.
there are 4 canisters
and the largest one
(not pictured)
is 6"h x 4.5"w x 6.5"l.

5. vintage yellow thread holder taken!

vintage 60s/70s
thread holder.
fits both standard
thread spools
annd bobbins.
the case snaps shut
and has a handle.

next week
i will have more
unusual items
for crafting
as well
as more clothes
for spring and summer.

hope you find something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to
your postcards.
let me know if you are
a monday give-away.

enjoy your monday!


Beta said...

I am very interested in the canisters. I can take them off your hands. But I just wanted to make sure I'm reading this right. The largest one is 6 inches tall? The photo is deceiving because they all seem like they'd be more than 4 or 5 inches tall.
We've used up our existing 4 canisters for bulk items but the pasta, flour, and trail mix still need a home.
Glad you had a good time with your brother. :)

Eero said...

Hola Bugheart!
I would LOVE the yellow thread holder! I've got my spools and bobbins all jumbled together...
very unpleasant.
AK isn't the Far East...but it's still far. Let me know if you need postage.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to claim again? I'll understand if you give the orange skirt to someone else, but I would love LOVE to have it!

Anonymous said...

asking us to pay shipping is fine :) much better than you bankrupting yourself... that would be way to much sacrifice to the blogworld

Anonymous said...

And so you should ask for shipping, i for one don't mind paying it. I mean we're getting something for free, it's the least we can do. I can't believe how much wonderful stuff you are giving away, your place must be so interesting to visit!

Anonymous said...

OH!!! I'd love that vintage sleeveless top from Sears. It looks wonderful

Oh, that pic of your brother is at a great angle.

GamecockDoc said...

completely unrelated to the give-away...just wanted to say that i LOVE your sandals!

bugheart said...

so far...
canisters: betarunner
sewing box: eero
VG skirt: dacia
sleeveless shirt: debbie
jantzen skirt: still available

rooster said...

I LOVE the rooster pattern--is that a skirt or dress?

I have been sneaking around reading blogs all this time--just not blogging myself.

bugheart said...

the sandals
are cidwoqs!
they are
so comfortable!

rooster- i
t's a reversible
wrap skirt.
it's polka-dotted
on the other side!

Jay said...

ooh, yummy stuff. And you sound like you had a GREAT day with your spunky brother... nice. I wish my family lived closer to me (sigh. Pity me not... I may not have family living close by but I am cursed with gorgeous good looks!).

Anonymous said...

No fair. You didn't say you had a blog. Now I missed a great "give away". Ok, I'll check the next one...I could've used a thread organizer...

bikeandbeer said...

i know this is ridiculous, to claim something way after... but... i keep seeing the jantzen yellow skort behind the lab door... and i kind of put it against me... and it kind of fits... and it is perfect for post-biking beer and burger... can i have it? can i have it?

Anonymous said...

Yipppeeeee! Just saw that I won the blue maybe Sears sleeveless vintage shirt. Just e-mail me and I'll send you my address. Also, let me know shipping cost and your address so I can pay for shipping. Thanks again! Debbie

Fufina514 at