Friday, May 05, 2006

corners ... laura ... village friday

i never got the chance
to post
a corner of my home
for thursday.
so here is a corner
in our breakfast nook:

i am drawn to the
white minimal corners
as of late.
i think the calmness
of white
and few items
relaxes my stressed mind.
the danish coffee set
is a village find.
its pewter.
the top photo is
my eldest brother
from years ago
and below that
is one of
clothespin peeps.

yesterday i spent
the evening
with my friend laura.
she is in town
for a few days.
isn't she adorable:

she lived in DC
one summer
for an internship
and came
to stitch-n-bitch.
this girl
is way to hip
for her age.
boy, if i were
as cool as her
at 21...
so she is my adopted
little sister
(since i never had one).

so before i get into
my finds at the village,
i wanted to post a swap idea.
i have been obsessing
about making softies
like this one
that i have named
mr. putty:

he is for
my swap buddy
the use what you have swap.
so i would like
to get more
lambspride wool
to make
more softies
but i don't want
to buy any.
so here are
some yarns
that i have
in my stash
but they are yarns
with no projects
so i can part with them.

if you have any
cascade 220
and would like
some of my yarn
email me
(bugheart (at) gmail (dot) com
and we can swap.
if you have a lot
of lambspride
i may be willing
to trade my green noro!

now for my finds
at the village.
astrid and i
had a decent day today
with a few good finds:

here are my finds for friday:

1. new vintage traincase!

now i know that
my goal is
to get rid of things.
i have given several
traincases away in
the great monday give-away™
but i do collect
american tourister
this is brand new!
complete with tags,
keys and a manual.
even astrid said
i have to get it.
for $2.02
i could not resist!

2. books

cute children's book
for one of my many mom pals
great embroidery books.
i love the old
reader's digest books.
they have wonderful

3. blue pyrex bowls

i don't collect
these light blue
pyrex bowls
but i know
they are quite
expensive and rare
in antique stores.
i thought that
i might sell them,
swap, or give them
to my mom.

4. vintage sheet

i love this pattern.
i have a plan to make tons
of a-line dresses
from sheets for summerware.
anyone have a good pattern?

5. misc. items

much needed postal scale
because i mail so much
for the great monday give-away™
and little salt shaker
for my swap package for
the may color-iffic swap.

not a bad day
at the village.

this weekend
my brother
is here for a quick visit!
i am so excited to see him.
there is much
adventure to be had!


Anonymous said...

That sheet is fab.

spajonas said...

angry chicken just made the cutest smock. it might be something to consider for those great sheets you bought!

Anonymous said...

$2 for a brand new (old) traincase? Wow. I go to the wrong thrift stores I think. Good shopping.

f. pea said...

I have a nice stash of Lamb's Pride to swap you. So nice to see Laura! If she's still there give her a hug from me.

sooz said...

How can you give away perfectly good gorgeous yarn?! Don't you think, I'll need that one day? Don't you, like, need to have a stash buffer zone? Girl you continue to amaze and delight me.

Tracykins said...

That actually looks like a pretty good village haul, this week. And i do indeed have some lamb's pride and cascade 220...but not in particularly bright colors. Not sure what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

What fabulous finds, I love them. And I love your kitty, it is really cute.