Friday, April 28, 2006

village friday ... paper from johnny

my last night:

my 7am:

and of course
there was my trip
to the village!
this time
i had astrid
to keep me company.
i had a so so day
but astrid
the belt buckle
of her dreams!

here are my finds for friday:

1. cocktail shaker

so i need a shaker
like i need a hole in the head
but this one has a little
drink dial in top
that tells you the ingredients
for all your favorite drinks.
grub groaned
when i brought it home,
another shaker?!

2. ceramic owl

i am not
a big owl collector
but i know a few
bloggers that like them
i found some
for lisa
and i thought may
a certain someone
might llike this owl
in her paper package!

3. miniature pots & pans

i thought i could
use these for some
of my art pieces
but i definitely need
to send some to
a certain someone's
for their dollhouse!

4. knitting needles

size 11
(my favorite size)
but i don't need them
i will put them on
the great monday give-away™.

5. fabric

i loved the pink fabric.
there's quite a bit there...
enough for an a-line dress?
the other 2 are pillowcases.
the green one
looks like a vera.
or lily pulitzer.

6. stuffed animal pattern

in case i get
the courage to make
a stuffed animal,
aka softie.

that's all from
the village...

but i came home
to a package from my brother!
i love how even his packages
are so amazing...
his beautiful
it so difficult to open
because i just want
to stare at the package!

the address labels
on the background of birds:

look at these
incredible papers!

the white paper on the left
is braille paper...
and grub thinks
the photos
are old
Bon Marché
display windows.
they are so strange!

what a wonderful
paper package!
i am so lucky to have
such a fabulous
i still haven't gotten
any papers & ribbon
from my
sweet pea paper swap pal.
but that's okay...
i have a back-up
paper buddy now!

hope you all
have a wonderful


Ma'ai said...

Just wanted to let you know, I'm still here.

Anonymous said...

I really like how your blog entries are so structured -- something for just about every day. I find myself looking forward to Friday's thrift store finds now -- living vicariously through your shopping. You are so nice to think of little Miss Bea and her doll house. She will enjoy cooking in those for her doll house tea parties.

Eero said...

How does one get in on the nifty paper swapping? I have oodles of paper I could trade...
Love the pink fabric, too!

f. pea said...

such pretty things today! the bird background paper on the package was my favoritest pretty thing. i can't wait until you start making softies out of fabulous vintage fabrics...

Tracykins said...

What fun stuff! All you crafty siblings! Those photos are so quirky! You can really have some fun with them.

Jillio said...

you have such interesting entries! i was wondering if you were giving away the green train case you pictured several posts ago (4/26/06). your collection is very beautiful and i love how you have them organized on your bookshelves. you bookshelves also gave me a great new idea for arranging my room, so thanks!

Hilfiger.48 said...

Hello Bug
I read and met you at Randel Plowman's "A collage a day".
Now I'm fan of both of you.

How do you feel about my monotypes...?

sooz said...

Argh - those tiny pots and pans! I have such admiration for the people who make tiny things, and how they find their way from maker through many hands and still manage to get found by someone who takes them in and finds them a new loving home. You are amazing Gwen, always getting stuff to where it ought to be :-)