Thursday, April 27, 2006

corners...swap package

i love summer.
what can i say,
i grew up
in california
and i feel most alive
when the sun is shining
and i am wearing sandals.
it is so nice to wake up
to light..
especially my current
apartment because
we look out at the park
and trees
and woodpeckers!

so this morning
i actually
to take
photos for
corner of my home.

i loved this minimal corner
this morning.
this is in grub's corner:

the boat will go to a baby.
the crab is a gift from mexico
and the blanket
was knitted by grub's mom
(aka spot's blanket).
the framed image above is
one of sara's
from here to there maps.

check out
more corners

yesterday i showed you
what i mailed
to my swap buddy
for the april
color-iffic swap-o-rama...
this is what
i received
from ana
in portugal!

i especially love
her handmade softie!
isn't it so cute?!

it's lovely...
thank you
so so much ana!
swaps are
so much fun!

you know
some days
how you just
want to spend
the whole day
on one thing?
today i just
want to
spend the day
at an outdoor cafe
with a glass
of iced tea
knitting this.
but i have to wait
until stitch-n-bitch


f. pea said...

can i come knit jess hutch toys with you at the cafe???

p.s. come win prizes from me today.

Anonymous said...

I love my corner, my kitty and my bugheart.

We should all snuggle there on my blanket, eat crab and drink tea..maybe the walrus will stop by....but all of this would then that would make my corner messy...and I could't handle that.

ho hum...


Anonymous said...

What a nice corner, its look like a nice space for pause. Very nice. Happy knitting tonight!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh how neat!!! the package is lovely!!

what a name, grub :)?!