Thursday, February 16, 2006

where is my norwegian?

ms. pea got her valentine last night…
here it is:

here’s the back:

i also received the yarn in the mail for ms. pea’s purse commission…
as well as some periwinkle yarn for a purse for me!
i know it is just cascade 220 but it is the prettiest color.

another valentine is speeding north.
here is a preview:

last night i knitted until 2am…
listening to the CBC then the BBC…
did you hear about the exciting win for the canadians,
Beckie Scott and Sara Renner,
in the women's cross country team sprint?!
Renner’s pole broke on the 3rd lap
but a nice norwegian handed her a new pole
and they were able to get the silver.
i had a slight knitting olympics catastrophe myself...
the wooden pieces of my circular needles keep falling off,
so i had to switch to straight needles
and super-glue the circular's wooden bits back on…
no nice norwegian to help me.

i am on the 2nd slipper...

i knitted half of the way through the sole
on the carpool to school.
so i will finish it during intermission
when i go to see sarah vowell tonight.

have you seen these peeps?

just got mine in the mail.

so cute!

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Gina said...

Those peeps are awesome! And I love the valentine thought bubble!