Saturday, February 18, 2006

the flop

i finished the slippers today.
sadly, they look horrible – floppy, big and horrible.
i am going to try to do something with them because
i can’t bear to rip them out.
also frogging cotton yarn never works for me…
it starts to fray.
before the knitting olympics is over
i will knit another pair in sage…
maybe for my mom
if they turn out…
but i am going to try them in garter stitch (faster)
and small needles so it is tight
and hopefully has some structure.
if those ones work
i will try to make another pair for grub.
i will post the slippers when i fix them.

these slippers got me a bit down…
failed knitted projects are no fun.
so i wore stripped tights today.
stripe-ity colorful things cheers me up.

2 things i love:
1. striped tights
2. tiled floors

my finds at the village today:

pyrex galore

1. green bowl
cost: $4.64
2. yellow bowl
cost: $3.83
3. bread dish
cost: $1.81
4. tiny refrigerator dish
cost: $2.42
i love pyrex…especially solid colored bowls and covered dishes….
the tiny refridgerator dish was such a find because the tops are always missing.
i remember as a kid breaking tops of these types of dishes
every time i was on kitchen-duty.

sewing and embroidery supplies

5. thread
cost: $3.95
6. embroidery hoop
cost: $0.60
7. thread spool holder
cost: $1.95
last week i saw vintage turquoise embroidery hoops
and i could kick myself for not buying them
because i am trying to learn creweling
and they would have come in handy.

i am hoping to be super productive this weekend.
just researching, knitting & drawing.
hope you all have a good one.


f. pea said...

Lovely finds for your thrifty friday! Last friday I took my inspiration from you and when all my meetings were over I hit Time After Time and the PTA Thrift. It wasn't exactly Value Village, but I got a cute skirt and a neat little hand-knit top in BRIGHT turquoise that you would look great in.

seal said...

where is this value village you speak of? i tried to look up the address but couldn't find it so i decided to just wing it but got caught in a sea of traffic and bailed.

bugheart said...

4 DC area value village locations:
i frequent the ones with the *

1. 2277 University Blvd E*
Adelphi, MD 20783
Tel: 301.422.2406

2. 4917 Allentown Rd
Suitland, MD 20747
Tel: 301.967.0700

3. 6611 Annapolis Rd*
Landover Hills, MD 20784
Tel: 301.341.4646

4. 5406 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21225
Tel: 410.789.3136

happy hunting!