Monday, February 20, 2006

weekend of packages

first of all rooster received the kettle
that i found at value village
and the little valentine that i made to go with it.
it has a donkey on it.
not because she is a democrat but in honor of
her minature donkey, gina, that i am sure loves her so.
here it is:

it’s made completely out of recycled felted sweaters,
except for the marimekko fabric lining inside.
it’s my very first tea cozy!
considering i have been drinking tea since i could hold a cup
that’s pretty unusual.

i also received a belated valentine from my mom (aka mutti).
she knitted me 2 scarves!

here is a close-up of the stitch my mom likes to use:

she is an amazing knitter and taught me to knit
when i was a little girl growing up in southern californina.
the particularly charming thing about my mutti
is she doesn’t know knitting terms in english
so although she knits a million times better than i…
i get to translate for her
(which is quite amusing because she speaks multiple languages).
when i buy the knitting magazine Rebecca,
i give my mom the patterns in german
and keep the english translation for myself.

she sent me 2 scarves
AND 4 bars of niederegger marzipan
if you aren’t familiar with marzipan,
it’s almond paste…
but i is especially good when covered with dark chocolate.
niederegger marzipan is made in Luebeck, Germany
and is hands-down primo marzipan.
my german grandma (aka oma) use to mail my siblings and i
boxes of this stuff when we were kids
and for us it was pure heaven!
it is an acquired taste…
unfortunately for me, grub loves it
and always lays claim to marzipan in any package i get.
but i am the youngest of a lot of siblings
and will fight tooth-and-nail for my marzipan!

as i am sure you can tell,
i absolutely adore my mom and miss her dearly
(she is across the country in washington state).
so the best thing about getting scarves from my mom
is that they smell like her.
it’s like getting a hug from my mom every time i wear it.

in addition i received my mail order this weekend…
i will post photos of the projects as i finish them.

i am looking forward to a productive week
and bubble tea this afternoon with michelle!


f. pea said...

enjoy your bubble tea! i am thinking of you and your fabelhafte mutti as i drink my english breakfast this afernoon. alles liebe!

Gina said...

Oh that's the cutest!

Beta said...

Hey there! See, I comment sometimes! No, really, last week nearly killed me at work and I had to give up all blogging temporarily (that, along with sleep, and regular meals).
But I'm back and promise to comment especially since all of your posts give us so much eye candy. I love the value village tales the most. See you thursday? Where will it be I wonder.

bugheart said...

yeah! you're back!
my place, of course.