Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a new look

like the new look?
i like pink but it was wearing on me.
what do you think?
i also made a button that you can put
on your blog, if you’d like.

today was a day to stay in bed.

i was up too late working on
the purse for west coast pony.
it is almost done
here is a teaser…
can’t ruin the surprise.

the weather was like seattle
and i wasn’t in the mood for it.
but i made a cup of tea and
left the house late.


rooster said...

i am so inspired by your felted bags!!

thank goodness mikaj got a blog, too.

i must to DC asap for knitting and tea.

bugheart said...

do come to dc for knitting & tea - hooray!
is your birthday soon?

MikaJ said...

i like the new colors!
what is that painting from, it is sweet!

Beta said...

I very much like the new layout/colors. It took me a second to see just how unique that painting is. Quick question: have you ever eaten a bug?

bugheart said...

no, i haven't eaten a bug on purpose. i don't eat anything in the Kingdon Animalia on purpose... but there are loads of ground up bugs in grain and juiced out bugs in wine, etc.

i think if you eat meat, you should try eating a bug- at least once.

mikaj has eaten bugs, especailly 17 year old cicadas.

f. pea said...

soooo beautiful. i love it. it's kind of a mellow seattle color. a color you wouldn't mind having a pair of socks, or a felted handbag, knit in for you.