Sunday, January 29, 2006

day of rest

not really.

here i am at work again
trying to focus.
yesterday i was bad and i returned to the village
to buy the pink 50s/60s coat that
i saw there on friday but didn’t buy…

7. hot pink Audrey Hepburn coat, circa 1950s

cost: $10.10
contrary to typical village statistics
the coat was still there after 24 hours.
this is highly unusual…so i took this as fate.
it is really hot pink although it looks red in this picture.

i also found a skirt to match…

8. hot pink skirt, circa 1960s

cost: $1.95
it had a stylish 60s/70s tag:

unfortunately, i didn’t finish steffi’s scarf yet…

instead i went out to a restaurant with maria…
who was kind enough to buy me pg tips

as she strolled around town.
the restaurant had a bathroom that was
hot pink like my coat
and the tiles were a beautiful mosaic
i took an overexposed picture right as some gal
walked out of the stall…

she didn’t seem quite as enthralled as i was…

today i worked with stitch-n-bitchers
on our secret squirrel project
that cannot be shown here for fear that the special recipient may see it…
but i did finally get to meet
curious badger’s
(her s-n-b spirit animal name)
new kitten, margot.

named after the adopted daughter in the royal tenenbaums.


f. pea said...

what's your spirit animal name??

bugheart said...

excitable beaver

rooster said...

love the coat,
love the bags,
love the blog!

thanks for adding my blog--i shall reciprocate.

ps- i am a huge pg tips fan, too. best tea ever, man.

f. pea said...

excitable beaver!?!!! i am laughing so hard... oh gawd you made my monday!!!

bugheart said...

well, one of the other s-n-b girl
was dubbed
insatiable squirrel...ahem!...digger!