Thursday, June 13, 2013

on top of the world

view from klein matterhorn

when my brother
we decided
to go to
m a t t e r h o r n ...

i have been there
once before.


last time
i went there
we took
a train from
to gornergrat
3090 m / 10,138 ft
(map here).

this time
we took
a gondola
to klein matterhorn.
3885 m / 12,746 ft.

matterhorn_3350 matterhorn2_3395 matterhorn2_3382 matterhorn_3389 matterhorn_3365 matterhorn_3392 matterhorn_3390 matterhorn_3385 matterhorn_3364

it is
the highest point
you can get to
by gondola
in europe.

thin air.
bright light.
staggering peaks.
and so so much blue.

you feel like
you are
on top of the world.

me & the matterhorn