Monday, July 16, 2012

early bird

sunday morning: desk

i like the quiet
of sunday morning
the church bells
at 10 o'clock.

sunday morning: entre deux

i was never
one to
get up early
on weekends.
a wee grub
has changed
my morning

i am
and busy
by 8am
at the latest.

sunday morning: window sunday morning: from dinner the night before

this weekend
i tried
to attend to
some projects
that have been
my attention
for quite
some time.

i crossed
at least one
off my list.
(photos soon).

. . . . .

i have
been doing
my daily drawings
i have not liked
almost all of them
this week.
i did like
the last one.
the apricot.

i think
that i prefer

drawing-a-day: 8-14 juillet

week 2:
*drawing on top left from last week*
08 juillet: wooden covered bowl (colored pencil)
09 juillet: old metal nail (pencil)
10 juillet: wooden ladle (pencil)
11 juillet: wooden ball (pencil)
12 juillet: tomatoes (colored pencil)
13 juillet: lemons (colored pencil)
14 juillet: apricot (colored pencil)

have a
good monday!


Beth said...

I know what you mean about transitioning to being an early riser. I still do it grudgingly many mornings though.

Emily M. said...

i just love your drawing a day project. the apricot is lovely (and to me, the rest are too). i am naturally a morning person...but so are my children, so even though i don't wake any earlier, i do miss my quiet mornings!!

alexandria said...

I too have become more of an early bird due to my work, but there is something so soothing about the quiet of the morning. I admire your drawings and your dedication. Happy Monday to you too!

lisa solomon said...

i still hate mornings. and am into year 3 of them... sigh.

i heart the tomatoes....