Friday, June 24, 2011

art basel


last saturday
we went to
art basel-
an amazing
art show.

basel is
a beautiful city.
grub has spent
some time
exploring it
he took me
to a little
chocolate store
he discovered
and we had
the most amazing
hot chocolate
the old town
was packed
with tourists
and protesters...
we made our way
to the exhibitions...
we obeyed
the signage
and did not
bring our
cameras into
the galleries
but then saw
with cameras
taking photos
of the art.
there was great
people watching
we discovered
some new (to us)
artists we love
(as well as
lots of works
by famous artists,
such as
warhol, cornell,
calder, twombly,
judd, etc.).

some of my favorites:

{lygia clark}

{jeanne silverthorne}

Source: via gwen on Pinterest

Source: via gwen on Pinterest

{gianfranco baruchello}

Source: via gwen on Pinterest

Source: via gwen on Pinterest

if only
i were rich
and could
to buy
lots of art.

le sigh.

our week
in the
french riviera.


atthebench said...

It is cold enough for grub to wear a muffler? Le sigh indeed, it is hot and humid here. Bleck

Verte Adélie said...

If you and Grub go back to Basel... there's a wonderful place called the Beyeler Foundation. Every time I went there to see temporary exhibitions, I was amazed both by the quality of the art and by the way the exhibition was staged *and* I absolutely love the building itself, with its clean lines and pink stone walls. It's the kind of wonderful place where you spontaneously lower your voice as you would in a church, even in the garden, because it's so peaceful. Depending of the season, you can even hear cow bells in a distance, giving you the feeling you're in fact in the Alps. Yes, I do love this place :).

Anonymous said...

my brother was in basel in february for work. he loved it... xo astrid

lisa solomon said...

i ran thru basel one day with a friend. [not when the art fair was happening]
i remember a VERY expensive soda, some water, a bridge and a condom store in a 14th century building :)

love gianfranco's work....