Monday, May 30, 2011

z ü r i c h

zurich: chess games in the park
zurich: tea & cake @ cakefriends

we took
a day trip
to zürich
to visit
our friend,
and show
grub the town.

i feel like
a country mouse
the city
when i go
to zürich.
so many people.
so many bars
and restuarants.
so much shopping.

i was frustrated
because i would
speak german
but as soon
as they heard us
speak english
with each other
they switch to english.
i am glad
that they
don't do that
in neuchâtel
so i can work
on my french.

we spent
the day exploring.
the highlight
of the day
was the flea market.
i resisted buying
until we have
an apartment
it was fun
to see what
were selling.
many things
were not priced.
i don't like that
because they
can size you up
and decide on
a price...
plus i have
to decipher
swiss german
which is
really difficult
for me to understand.

grub says
that zürich
is the new york
of switzerland.
i think he's right.
we look forward
to going back

i discovered
a great blog
by another
american transplant
in zürich-
asphalt & air.
i hope
to meet up
with her

this week
we may be
signing papers
an apartment-
fingers crossed!



sandra said...

it drives me a little nuts when i speak german with a german and the person switches to english - it makes me feel i will never be able to learn the everyday language. but yesterday i had a 2 hours long chat with an older couple all in german and it was so so nice.

your pictures are so happy.

emilyclare said...

this happens to me with French too!

Looks like a joyful outing nonetheless, hope all goes smoothly with the apartment!

Anne said...

I also have the same with French - good to know I'm not the only one :-) Lovely shots and good luck with the apartment!

Sungopolis said...

I visited Zurich a few years ago and loved it. Have you ever been to Wengen? sigh.

asphalt and air said...

fingers crossed!
fingers crossed!
fingers crossed!
once you have your own little nest here in switzerland you'll start to feel so much more at home.
very much looking forward to meeting you the next time you travel to zürich.

meglow said...

i heart you bugheart. just thought you should know. happy day! keep up the sunshine & love.

lisa solomon said...

oh i hope by now you have the apt !
how exciting that you get to just pop around europe ! jealous !!!