Saturday, May 07, 2011

hi again...


it's been
a long time.
i hope you can
forgive me.
things have
been pretty
crazy around here
for the last
6 months.

i got pregnant.
i finished my phd.
i got a post-doc in switzerland.
i moved to switzerland.

not necessarily
in that order.

i had planned
to finish
my phd
in the spring
but in january
i was offered a post-doc
so everything
on overdrive
after that.

here i am
in switzerland.
starting a new job,
5 months pregnant
waiting for grub
to join me.
i hardly have
a moment to stop
and absorb
all these changes.

i am still

. . . . .

i now live
in Neuchâtel.
a french speaking part
of switzerland
between zurich & geneva.
i have a lot to tell.

but i
will start

i got up early
and went
to the market
with my two

a big market
each saturday morning.
i am still
a bit shy
about taking
photos here...


sunday market

after we shopped
i successfully
bought what
i had on my list
(& discovered
is a lot of
we took
a break
and had coffee.

post market coffee

i am adjusting
is so new...
from pregnancy
to living
in a foreign land
but i think
i will like
it here.

more soon.


i like to
keep baby stuff
but if you are
our wee grub
wee grub blog.



alexandria said...

It's wonderful to read your words, see your photos and what amazing changes! Welcome back, gwen.

Unknown said...

OH Bug! I'm so proud of you! You never cease to amaze me. :) Congrats on all your latest adventures. You will be such an amazing mom even though it's new and scary. You are a lady of great kindness and dedication so this little bug is in for a treat!

Email me your address so we can snail mail again. Also I have a new

LOVE you! xo

amisha said...

congratulations on everything!!! so happy for you and grub about all of these wonderful things. you two are going to be the best parents! and so happy to hear that you're feeling settled in to switzerland... it looks beautiful.
and ditto to ash- will you email me your snailmail address?

RW said...

well. this is all very exciting. I lived in a lovely monastic community outside of Neuchatel.. called communaute de grandchamp. just reading your words has brought back a ton of memories. I loved switzerland.

johnny said...

So jealous and happy for you altogethah....can't wait to see more..

p.s. am thinking of applying for a swiss artist residency! How cool would it be to get THAT one...?

Anne said...

Welcome back! Sounds like an exciting new adventure :-) Congrats on everything!

Julia said...

congrats congrats congrats! such exciting news all around. can't wait to follow along on all your new adventures.

Elspeth said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the wee baby grub!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I believe in growth through change, so it seems you are doing very well. A market visit and coffee are a great way to ease back into things here. Welcome to your new home and congratulations on your new mom-to-be status.

Sungopolis said...


What a glamorous cosmopolitan life you and grub (and now the lil larva) lead. I'm glad to hear you are safely arrived in Switzerland. Can't wait to hear more.

Many hugs!

Lisa said...

So happy to see you posting again! Congratulations on all the fabulous changes that life has brought to you.

lisa solomon said...

welcome back !
so glad you are safe and sound.
when does grub arrive??????

jen said...

congratulations! so many exciting things happening. best of luck to you.

Isabelle said...

Great to see you back! That sure sounds like a lot of change, I hope it's going well. Those chanterelles look beautiful!

tara thayer said...

i have always loved your writing, gwen...and catching up here, and over at baby blog, well. it's wonderful, and wonderful news. congratulations and best wishes. and thanks for letting me follow along.
take care,

Anna said...

WOW! hi gwen. so much new and amazing stuff in your life. congrats on it all. xoxoxo

Hans said...

It felt refreshing to see a new post from you finally! :)

asphalt and air said...

i had no idea that you now live in switzerland! welcome!
and if you are ever in zürich, do contact me! i'd love to show you around.
i'm a mum. i've got a 6 month old babe. should you have any questions about having babies in switzerland feel free to call on me.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

agghh! gwen! i had no idea. i saw photos on flickr and thought you were just visiting switzerland. how exciting. huge congrats on the completion of your phd. you have worked hard! and congrats on wee grub, of course, and the postdoc! so much news. oxox to you!

Dacia said...

hooray you are back! and overseas! and pregnant! how wonderful. all of it. congratulations!