Saturday, July 10, 2010

o l y m p i a

olympia: breakfast

a few images
from olympia...

olympia: fence
olympia: sheep
{bike rides in the countryside}

{mom & nephew on the tractor}

{birthday wishes}

olympia: johnny
{picnicing with siblings}

happy weekend
to you all!


Sungopolis said...

What's the story behind the all-white bicycle?

Anna said...

fun stuff! i'm headed to olympia tomorrow and these pictures are making me really excited.

lisa solomon said...

love the sheep photo... and your mom/nephew on the tractor is pretty sweet!

are you home yet?

Anne Thompson said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! ... And happy birthday!

Kiyomiomi said...

I love how these photos take on more romance, more humour, more distance when they are published on so nice a blog. I want copies! Thanks for posting. The bike ride looks just as I remember it - idyllic and hysterical. Ciao!

Lauren_Doran said...

The sheep photo is beautiful:)

alexandria said...

You have a beautiful way of sharing your adventures. I love these photos too!

Katrina said...

oh, such lovely photos. the polaroids are delightful.

Chase Clark said...

Lol, looks like a wonderful time!

f. pea said...

I want to go!