Thursday, October 01, 2009

f l e e t i n g

tulum: bee rescue

the last day
in mexico
i spent
the morning
on the beach
before we
rushed off
to the airport.

i found
a honeybee
flailing around
in the sand.
her wings
had somehow
been damaged.
i picked her up
and let her
clean herself off.
but each time
tried to fly
in the sand.
it was
so sad.
even though
a worker bee
is expendible,
since she has
50,000 or so
to take
her place,
it is one
of those
when you
are so aware
of the
fleeting nature
of life.
i know,
but true.

f l e e t i n g :
passing swiftly : transitory

this definition
does not
how the word
feels in the
pit of my stomach.
there is something
sad about
the word.
something lost.

grub: birthday cocktails

grub's birthday
was yesterday.
as we get older
it seems
we most often
get depressed
around our birthday.
is it the loss
of time?
the recognition
of how
time passes us?
for me
it is a reflection
on what
i have accomplished
each year.
i always
fall short.
why is there
and disappointment
in that
which is
instead of
the joy
of relishing
that moment-
that year
gone by?

more fleeting



Alichka said...

It's strange that you seem so sad about things flying by, I always thought this blog was such a testament to savoring. I know you've honed your writing and your photography to encapsulate each little moment.

Perhaps it's the historian in me, but I've always thought that moments might be fleeting, but documents are forever.

I guess what I mean is I think of your vision as the best of both worlds: fleeting and permanent.

Unknown said...

exactly how i feel about birthdays...

Sara said...

this post is gorgeous! loved it!

gracia said...

Your photo of a majestic though expendable honeybee recently dusted off by you is wonderful. And I ,too, feel the very same way about birthdays.

Kelsey B. said...

I went to Tulum when I was little and it was gorgeous. Great photos!

babelfish said...

So thoughtful and beautiful, love your words and photos as always (need to find fun things to dust off those birthday blues...)

lisa solomon said...

poor bee. fleeting indeed. and I forget that grubs bday is so close to mine. happy belated grub.

I feel like these days I don't have time to be depressd about bdays the just are. but thanks for remembering mine!! xo