Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new love


just got
the film
diana F+.
i took
at sea ranch.

y e l l o w

i am not
very good
at using it...
but i love it.

it's the closest
i can get
to my beloved
now that
i can't
polaroid film

can't wait
to take it
to new york
this weekend.

pony pal

i will upload
the next
few days.



eshu said...

love them, especially the double exposure at the end!

artsybee said...

im really missing polaroid too. some things just aren't the same on a digital camera. enjoy your trip, and practice makes perfect!

Joetta M. said...


BEESTLYproducts said...

i can't wait to get myself a diana.... my friends said i could borrow hers to do a test roll. i'm wayyyy too excited.

lisa solomon said...

wow - those are gorgeous.

did you know there's a polaroid back for the diana now - you can use the fuji polaroid film [peel apart] with it - so... there's still hope!

emily said...

i got a holga recently. and i'm a little bit afraid of it (having lost the first two rolls of film to accidents involving well meaning children). but you're making me feel brave with these.

shari said...

i think they are fantastic gwen. can't wait to see more. xox

Alison said...

Gosh that last photo with the beautiful layers and transparencies is just wonderful!

Iva Messy said...


C said...

Simply beautiful. I just feel like I'm not camera savvy enough for the diana. Is it as advanced as it seems?

babelfish said...

Stunning pictures, I especially love the one of you in the yellow top (great lighting).

Jim said...

check out the NYTimes online. They just had an article(mon may 25) about these two guys who are trying to create a new company to make polaroid film. It is under the technology section. Here is the long link:

And they began a site called: (not a typo!). I'm a photographer and even though I LOVE digital I miss the elegance of polaroid and film.

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love the life of life..