Wednesday, December 10, 2008

underbug sale

underbug sale

for sale
in the
underbug shop.

help me
clear out
my studio!

tank purse #2

the last
of purses
and tees...
you can.

orange tank

three: underbug



Shirley said...
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Unknown said...

These handbags are simply adorable and I love them both, you're very talented. If I had to pick one to get right now it would be the grey one!

It matches the chic dress I am wearing and goes cute with the gorgeous diamond earrings I bought from so the whole look wit your handbag would be adorable!

lisa solomon said...

hey you... link to shop isn't working :)

Alichka said...

I really didn't think anything could be cuter than your purses with animals on them, but somehow I think the tanks outdo even those.
You make such wonderful things BH!

Anonymous said...

I love the underbug banner! Hope the end of year is treating you well :)

Anonymous said...

That trio of tees... super and fresh... me likes very much!

Wishing you a brilliant and productive year ahead. May the New Year bring much joy and creativity continued.

g xo

The Butter Flying © said...

Beautiful blog !
Happy 2009!

katieleigh said...

Oh wow, your stuff is so cute.