Wednesday, November 12, 2008


shalom cardi (front)

i have said
this before
i have
a lot
of stuff.


to be done
that i have
been dragging
around for
10 years
to be finished.

L-bot & J-bot
{2 birthday bots
3 months late}

for instance,
i have
rusted bottle
i found
on a beach
rusted out box
i found in
a barn
that i have
had for
6 years.
they are
with newspaper.
the newspaper
is now yellow.
i have
moved them both
at least 4 times.
i know
what i want
to do with them
i haven't
around to it.

my dad
(chronic pun-ster)
use to
hand out
round tuits.
my family
says that
so much.

the problem.
big bags
of yarn
for years
to be
a sweater.
so long
i no longer
the color

so true.

shalom cardi
{1 sweater down,
5 to go}

i am trying
to remedy
this problem
by using
what i have
to get things

but surely.
i hope.




Anonymous said...

love that sweater! is it one of your own design, or was it knit from a pattern? if the latter, which one?

Christine Gram said...

I love your photos. Love them.

Also I'm a recovering pack rat. My junk was everywhere. I started the habit of loading up my car and driving it all to goodwill twice a year. I no longer have goodwill and I have one closet that is suffering for it. I miss goodwill.

Rachel Joiner said...

I do the same thing. I have boxes and boxes of crafty items, fabrics, buttons, paints, newspapers, magazine cut outs, dolls, and I just keep adding to it and moving it around. Every now and then I get to one of the projects, but I can't bear to throw the items out.

izzie said...

I wish I had your courage to get things done... 'cause I'm exactly like you about keeping things, hopping to have the time, the perfect idea for them... then they just turn into memories of what they could have been.
So... go slowly, but go stady... but go... do them... I'm sure we'll love them =)

Anonymous said...

I think you have an amazing sense of style and who cares if you keep stuff lying around for long periods of time? Thats' what a closet is for:) Packrats are fun people, that's my take on it.
BTW, I like your blog so much that I have added you to my blog roll - hopefully you dont mind. Keep up the good work!

Stacy Lee said...

I am reclaiming my space and polluting the Goodwill space with my things.

Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of begin of creation that are not finished... or begin of ideas too ! it's my prresentation in my blog !!!
Love your sweater !

The Rambler said...

Queen of procrastination and good intentions here....:)

If I dare to open one of my closets there are many genuinely great half started projects that may leap out saying..."finish me!" due time I tell them, in due time.

Love reading your stuff! I enjoy your style of writing. It's really refreshing.

artsybee said...

I know quite a bit about unfinished business and although packratism seems to run in my family, I have yet to show symptoms.
I have high hopes in one step at a time though, just yesterday I finished the design for my closet...just to get it made now.

Ms Leaney said...

If you weren't such a wonderful collector this blog would not exist and I would be sad ;-) Thank you for making my day.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how I understand you. If all the items, wool and fabrics I have collected over the years (with a VERY clear view of what to do with them, well some of them..)and that are desperately waiting in line (and in boxes, drawers, bags, etc) could speak... Sometimes, I try to go through said bags and drawers, with the will to clean and declutter and end up with new ideas...that also wait in line, nicely !
To feel better we could say it's an overcreative and optimitsic view of the future syndrome. (does it make sense ?)
Anyway, love your sweater and love its color !

Rebecca said...

Congrats on checking one item off your list of unfinished projects. It's gorgeous! I completely relate. I even inherited some unfinished needlework projects form my grandparents! (My husband, the anti-packrat, encouraged me to toss them before our last move.)

Keri said...

i love your sweater. wish i was so talented.

shari said...

i'm a bit of a pack rat too but i think it's because certain things won't recycle and i feel guilty about tossing them. remember the polaroid packs?? anyway, hello. i love your blue sweater. xox

lisa solomon said...

from one pack rat to another... :)

i am so in love with my l-bot...
thank you again....

Michelle said...

love the sweater and well the whole outfit to tell the truth...i'm a chronic hoarder and i feel like i am surrounded by far too much most of the time...i still have boxes unopened from 2 moves ago...
sad but true...

Anonymous said...

ditto about the sweater - love it, and was wondering if it's your own design or from a pattern. I want it! x

Bruna said...

hi! i live in barcelona and just discovered your blog recently. i am loving it, and trying not to read everything in one day... amazing photos and colours (i am going to buy lots of coloured tights tomorrow!). i wanted to ask you where the photographie shop in paris is, if you remember? with the portraits in the street outside? i am going back in december, and it just looks so cool!
congratulations, your blog is amazing!

Anne Thompson said...

I think "One thing at a time, and I'll get there" ... and try not to look at the new things that arrive to be done too...

broadcast poulet said...

i am so in love with those robots!!!

hope you are well :)


f. pea said...

Hot vest! Now where's that purse you promised me? (just kidding, hee hee)

Unknown said...

I am the same way.

wendy said...

those birthday bots are so worth the wait.
i am not a pack rack - I love a good clean out trip to goodwill.

Anonymous said...

Packrat? but your house look so tidy! Loving your sweater and outfit (+ the robots of course).

Sara Bradshaw said...

Adore the birthday boys - so pleased to discover your blog :)