Monday, June 02, 2008

where did spring go?

old pola of feet
{old spring pola}

i meant to post
market photos
last week.
where did may go?

may, please
come back.
i wasn't ready
to move
to june...

may24: flowers

summer hit
this weekend.
hot and sticky
dc summer.
lots of
fizzy lime-aid
to get me
through the day.

our favorite farmers
{our favorite farmers}

we have
our local
at the market...
they use to
farm in the
seattle area.
we heart them
(and shawna's
cute tee).
they have a little one
due this week!!!

may24: asparagus

it's already
sunday evening
and i am
that june
will be a
good month.
it's my birthday month

may24: lunch
{lunch on the patio}

grub is
tamales tonight
(3 days in the making)...
and then
we are
off to see
a show-
the submarines.
take a listen
perfect music
for june.

this week's
market polas

a good


MWM said...

I feel the same about May. Maybe we can start a petition to get it back...
I know lots of cool people who have June birthdays:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for June either... eek!

Happy week, g xo

Anonymous said...

P.S. A June burthday, eh? Have a merry one...

Anonymous said...

I too have decided that June is going to be a good month. I hope it's a terrific one for you and that you have the best birthday ever! xo lj

Beta said...

I also miss the brief spell of spring weather we had.

Funny, I finally got down to the U St. farmer's market on Sat. and I met that favorite farmer of yours :) She was very nice and explained what a ground cherry is.

f. pea said...

I like this collective resolution for a good June... I think I'll join in! Definitely missing cool, soft May, though...

robin ann mcintosh said...

My sister's birthday is in June. All the nice, mellow, private people. Have a good one!

lisa solomon said...

i'm with you - may come back...

great pics [and yay for b-day month]

scaredy-cat said...

I love your outfit!

amisha said...

june birthdays are the best ;)
i have a good feeling about this june... it came so fast but i feel like it's going to be a good one.

wendy said...

no idea where spring went, but loving your polaroids of the market.
farmer's markets are beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

Spring come back...this year is flying by too fast :( we are already in July? seems like we need a tardis.

Anonymous said...
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