Monday, April 14, 2008

cold wind blows



a rough weekend:
my mac
mailed off
to applecare,
my polaroid spectra
on the fritz,
i owe the irs.

hope you
a better


robin ann mcintosh said...

i hope your mac gets well soon :( lovely photographs.

lisa solomon said...

oh crap.
i'm so sorry.
hope all is on the mend!

Anonymous said...

Eek! Sounds awful times three.

This weekend I downloaded new software for my mac only to have it gobble up mail... all email, gone in its entirity! My inbox, with over 1,000 emails sitting pretty, is now in the process of a little rebuild. Rats!

Hope all is on the up for you today, g xo

Anonymous said...

oh poo.
hope your mac and camera are feeling better soon.
the irs- is that the taxman?
if so- double poo.
gotta get better from here right?
love the legwarmers:)

Anonymous said...

Sigh...hope this week is a better one.

MWM said...

but you look cute in your tights:)
hope your mac is on the mend!

jo :: feather and thread said...

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break (from posting at least) but I have been still reading all my favourites... Just because I havent commented doesn't mean I haven't had lots to say... I'm back now and wanting to get back in the saddle, I hope I can make up for lost time...x (love the polas)

f. pea said...

triple ouch!

Esti said...

Sorry to hear you ha a bad week. I hope you get everything mended, esp your mac, and that this week turns out great for you. :)

Eero said...

What could be really bad when you're wearing rockin' leg warmers?

amisha said...

hope things are on their way up, lady. at least you are facing it all with fabulous legwear! xo