Friday, February 01, 2008

shadow . sun

morning sun

i took
the other

funny shadows (to me)

funny shadows (to me)

but now
rain rain
all i see
from where
i sit:

this photo
is a little

have a
lovely weekend!



Unknown said...

love a good game with shadow puppets..great inspirational photos.

wendy said...

those are fabulous shadows...especially on that table...the lines are so good.

Lisa said...

Nifty window! I love cool architectural details like that.

lisa solomon said...

i love the little butt shadow... heh heh.

rain here too.

Amanda said...

Wow, that window is fantastic! How lucky you are.

Carson said...

I always love your bookshelf-top photos! And these are no exception.
Nicely observed.
Is that your office in the last one?
That slice of lunette window is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the graphic quality of your shadow shots, so beautiful. Gorgeous arch window and wonderful corner of your home.

broadcast poulet said...

the shadows are great. quite a new way to look at light, it's refreshing. :)
loving your blog by the way.

Joanna Goddard said...

love those shadow shots! so much fun....xoxo

jo :: feather and thread said...

creepy shadows - love them...x

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that window is... and shadows too.

robin ann mcintosh said...

i love the inside of your apartment... great window.