Friday, September 07, 2007


i was thinking
this morning
about how
i like structure
in my life...
for instance,
i like taking
when i have
a structure,
for instance
taking pictures
for shash's
feet week.

i am all
over the map
and have
a hard time
i guess that's
why academia
suits me
(also because
i am a little
crazy too).

i like
to have
a plan,
when i travel.
it doesn't mean
i never
deviate from it
but i like
to know
what the plan is
so i can
deviate from it.

my brothers
don't like
they like
and seeing
what happens.

i wish
i was
that way


i have
a lot
of w.i.p.
i will
leave you
with my
feet shot

looking down}
looking up



scaredy-cat said...

i love all those yellow things with wood in the top pola! plus the print in the skirt is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You are so stylish gwen, love your vintage-style skirt and lovely matching shoes. Yellow is such a happy colour, have a wonderful weekend!

Eero said...

I LOVE structure, I LOVE organization. Sure, your bro's see and do lots of nifty, wandering stuff---I've participated!---but boy....I love a plan.

I lived with bad hippie roomates once (there are good hippies in the world)and they made me feel very un-cool and uptight about my love of organization and planning.

It took me a few years after I moved out of that house to re-embrace the PLAN, organizing, labeling, list making...ahhhh....


PS: I'm happy that slippers are back "in."

julie said...

Lovely yellow polas...
i think it could be a female thing..that we like to plan (i am very much like that - and try to be more spontanious) Men seem to me to be more go-with-the-flow and less good at making lists and being ordered. I love the idea of making a plan so you can deviate from it!! xxx

Anonymous said...

I too like to have a plan, I consider myself really flexible because I can deviate from it, I just feel more comfortable with the structure to start. I also like deadlines, it gives me something to bump up against, create a little urgency, give me a push. I was glad to read I am not alone.

shari said...

i agree. i like structure and planning. you are so right...then i feel free to deviate from that plan. weird. t is the exact opposite and thinks i overplan. how about grub? xox

f. pea said...

the best thing about planning is making lists. *sigh!* beautiful, beautiful planning, how i love you.

Anonymous said...

my planning side (which runs deep) and my creative side seem at odds. i always end up liking best my writing and pics that weren't planned. i'm working on letting the accidents take over a little more (and then i go hide in my office and do excessive html code to soothe my type A side).

btw, love the yellow!

bugheart said...

thanks for
your comments-
i am so glad
i am not alone!
shari- grub is
a big planner too.
when we travel!

lisa solomon said...

ah.... i want your shoes and dress!!

hi friend.
i am a fan of both structure and wandering. so libra of me no?

p/s you don't need structure to take polas. you take amazing ones ALL THE TIME

Carson said...

I love/need structure too, otherwise I "waste" time
I also love/need it so I can deviate from it.

Love that tattoo on your ankle :)

hannah said...

I mostly like to just wander about and see what happens, but that does sometimes mean that nothing happens! I love your polaroids, and your yellow shoes, and keep thinking I must get a polaroid camera to play with.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the plan too. I'm a list things and stick to the that plan kind of person, though I'm all for going with the flow and deviating as well (as long as I don't get to preoccupied with the original plan that is). xo lj

Unknown said...

where did you get those lovely lovely shoes?!