Wednesday, August 08, 2007

from the sweltering sun

the intense heat
in the dc area
has forced me
has forced
me to slow down
catch up.

i have barely
been on
a computer
and i have
all of you
and what
you have
been up to...

i love the heat
this summer
has been
and i am
of cooler days,

on the other
side of the country,
in the other washington,
my mother
tells me
she is dreaming
of hot summer days
for it has
been a cool
and rainy summer
in seattle.

how that

. . . . .

these are
my favorite
these past
2 weeks...
i have more
to scan
be up on flickr

i have been
in the process
of working
on pieces
2 shows
(one with eero)
the fall '07
line of purses
& pouches...
it may be
the last
of these purses
as i am itching
to try
a new direction.

hope you
all well...
more soon.


Anonymous said...

I was missing your posts last week!!!

Beautiful polas, glad you had nice time!

shari said...

ah yes. you've captured the great things about summer. i am with you in regards to the terrible heat wave. i feel like i can't breathe. i was hoping we'd make it to dc soon but t's family continues to come to durham. we host his brother next week. xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi darling. cold here too. wish you were here. been wondering where you were...was thinking about you today, in fact...the heat will be over soon. i hope you can hang in there. please show us your new artwork.

scaredy-cat said...

i love the photo with the bicycle!

hannah said...

usually i will take heat warnings over snow warnings any day, but i am starting to feel a bit baked. heat index of 108 here today. phew. so your fieldwork has slowed down too? that is good in a way. none for me this summer. but gwen, those polas! the tomatoes are my favorite!

f. pea said...

i missed you! those tomatoes are wonderful. thank you for posting a link to anchorage, AK... i am dreaming of cold places all day long.

lisa solomon said...

your polaroids make it worth the wait...

hugs. [have you had a snow cone?]

Anonymous said...

Your words and polaroids conjure up that feeling of summertime heat so well...
And here's to new directions to explore. Sounds thrilling!
see you, g

Anonymous said...

Love your Summer polaroids they really capture the intense heat you've described. I think the one of the bike is my favourite. Sending a cool breeze from wintery Melbourne, lj

Eero said...

Of course, I love the bicycle picture. How many bug-bells do you have??

+50 here at night and getting DARK! Pretty nifty! I think our warm days for 2007 are over...

Anonymous said...

Love your vibrant summer polaroids. Congrats on your shows and looking forward to seeing where your new craft direction will lead you.

Amanda Jean said...

I LOVE that bike photo. it's so wonderful. :)

I am sick of the heat, too.

Kate Neckel said...

just discovered your beautiful blog...lovely lovely.

Claire said...

I was just thinking as I read: here I am wearing a cardigan and corduroys most days of August...but yes, you need a cool breeze as well...