Tuesday, May 15, 2007

this & that


post on charming
made me
think of
this photo
i took
at fpea's...
my favorite curtain
(she made from
an old shirt)
in the warm breeze.
so charming...
like knitting
in the park
with a friend.

. . . . .


a few things
to share today...

some of
my finds from
value village
last week...

1. vintage pitcher.
for grub's
famous "sapper"

2. a polaroid joy cam.
i broke my old one
(they are cheap
and flimsy)
but i still have film
so i "need" one.

3. polaroid "job pro" camera.
i have never seen
i was intrigued.

4. vintage frames.
to paint for
an upcoming "show"
(more on that later)

find of the week...

5. an old bug collection!!!
some bugs are
but i heart
old collections
(don't you love
that handwriting?!)

pretty good day
at the village.

. . . . .


then there
was this
amazing package
i got this weekend
the wonderful
miss solomon.

i bought
this necklace
her lovely store

she included
a lovely ring
to match
(she knows
how i love
to match)!

and if that
wasn't enough
she included
this cute
she found
at a funky
antique shop
(metal plant
by my brother).

this piece
she did
i fell in love with
a while back
she included
for us
for a swap
she's doing
with grub.

her work
is even
in person...

look closer:

thank you
so so much
dear lisa.

i have much
still left
to do

a collection!



Erin Lang Norris said...

gwen- that old bug collection that you found is to die for! what a great find!!! and the writing is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Here's to great gifts and framed bugs!

Anonymous said...

A good pitcher is highly under rated (a good cocktail rarely though...)

Excellent thrifty scores and Bay Area postal love.

Carson said...

great finds.
& what a creative family and bunch o' chums you have!

Anonymous said...

such great finds gwen...the bug box!!!!!!!!! And lisas gifts...:)))
I love those curtains too!!

lisa solomon said...

oh.my.god. that bug collection... and those frames.....

and the job camera - gotta love the yellow right????????

so glad you like your goodies!

Anonymous said...

wow buggy, you did score at the village :)
and did I read this correct, you are doing a show??
I'm now anxious!

you sound well and that makes me smile


Anonymous said...

The idea of an old shirt swaying in the breeze reminds me of a book I am currently reading and greatly loving, This Side of Brightness ... a woman watching the freshly washed shirt of her husband as it hangs in the laundry and she is told he is missing, presumed dead.
see you, g xo
(P.S. What a bountiful, fantastical array of great things!)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe fpea's curtains are made from an old shirt, it looks wonderful! Polaroid camera and 'lovely package from lisa' envy :) Can't wait to hear more about your show and see your 'collection'!

f. pea said...

you have the magic thrift store fingers!!

amisha said...

amazing scores at the value village. can't wait to see what you do with the new polaroids. and the bug collection... wow!!!
great package from lisa... she is so talented... that piece of hers is lovely.

shari said...

i want to go thrifting with you! lots of great treats from the village and from lisa! i do find that photo of f. pea's curtain charming, and i swear t has a vintage shirt with almost the same exact pattern. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, and I really like your design. Particularily the way you compose your posts - like poetry. Very elegant and appealing. Your photography is just as interesting. Thanks so much for sharing.

mari stolan said...

ah i have that funcam:) makes such cute polaroids! i really want a butterfly collection...very pretty indeed. mari

Eero said...

Ah, back to the Village scores! I love to see what you've found when you're out hunting and gathering....

I'm getting a lot of nifty stuff at the Transfer Station these days....gotta do a post on that.....

but until then...

You are Tagged! See my blog for the rules on the "Seven Strange Facts About Me" list. I hope you do it! I bet you've got some fun facts....