Friday, April 06, 2007

show & tell

{a corner of my home}

maybe it's
because it's friday...
or because i just ate
thin mint cookies
and am on a sugar high
maybe it's because
i just got back
from value village...
but i am feeling
better today...
things are
looking up.

i had plans
to post
every day
this week.
i was m.i.a.
maybe next week...

lizette came
by my lab
with her kids,
enzo & sophia,
to visit.
they toured
my lab
but sadly
i had no bugs
to show them
(that weren't
dead & pinned)
it's too early
in the season.
i wish that
i could have had
more time
to chat with
she is wonderful
and her kids
are amazing...
sophia made me
a cute little
moth tissue holder
enzo made
me the coolest
bug book

with fantastic

it's just
will visit
again soon!

i did take
some photos
of another
corner of my home.

not a particularly
but i was proud
that i finally
put up
shelves to
get my
vintage canisters
off the counter
grub hates
things on the counter...
and i never
want to
the chef of
the house.
bad news for me
(means that
i have to cook).

. . . . .

this morning
my friend
joan and i
mayfly tee shirts
with my gocco.

our fellow
grad student
and dear chum
did her big
phd exit seminar
she works
on mayflies
(and loves them
like i love
so to show
her our support
a bunch of us
wore mayfly tees

like a little
it was a hit.

late in the
astrid and i
stole away
value village
no amazing finds
but lots of
and ends...
some vintage
needlepoint for men

that i just
had to buy
because it was
the instant decorator

with cool
clear sheets
of rooms
to lay
under which
you lay fabric
to help
your room.


i should have
lots of
art & craft
to show
on monday...

have a good


shari said...

hi gwen.

your vintage cannisters are so wonderful. maybe i need some so i won't keep breaking glass in our kitchen. i do think t and grub should meet as t is also the chef of the house. i like to bake but that's about it. :) your mayfly shirts are awesome. i want one!! xoxo shari
ps: enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I got your package today! I love the yellow, it will be fun to work on this weeked. Also I will definitely return the button I don't use, along with an extra treat (of course).
Glad your feeling more up, I was getting a little worried about you. ~little sigh of relief~
& the feeling is obviously mutal, shari wants a mayfly t-shirt and so do I! You must sell them, really :)

ok bug-d-bug!
happy weekend to you to.

Anonymous said...

wow. that rosie grier book has me singing "it's allright to needlepoint. needlepoint gets the sad out of you..."
soooooooo great!!pi

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, I seriously LOVE everything about your house! The top photo with the glass bird is just fab, and the Tea*3 cannisters made me smile :) Love your mayfly T-shirts, and so wish we have Value Village over here -great finds!

Anonymous said...

ps. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

· { I love your t-shirts ... happy easter } ·

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, so happy you are feeling better!!! Love your corners...your glass bird is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
And you gocco printed t-shirts...:))))))

Happy Easter xxx

Carson said...

Hi Gwen.
Already commented on your glass bird on flikr..but wait! There's so much more!
The needlepoint for men? I laughed so much it brought on a coughing fit!

I'm like Grub: I hate things on the counter too, but sometimes it's unavoidable

lisa solomon said...

so much good stuff it's hard to figure out what to say first.

canisters, bird :: yum
needlepoint for men :: funny
cool decorating book :: drool
visit w/ lizette :: sounds so good

hope you are having a good weekend!
[love the t's BTW]

f. pea said...

fabulous use of gocco! and that is my personal favorite corner of your home. tea time!

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you too. We all had a good time looking around your labs. I wished I've had more time to stay and chat and meet the chef :)

Anonymous said...

hehe my tea almost sprayed out of my mouth when i saw the rosey grier book! i graduated from college with his son - when i met him after commencement, i asked if he still needlepoints. such a gentle bear, he giggled and said "as a matter of fact, i do."
loveliness all around - i cannot accurately profess my love for your canister set!

Gracia said...

So many fabulous, wonderful things... so much happening, from mayflies on apparel to bug books and more. Quite the show & tell session.
see you, g

ticklepinkle said...

I am not a blogger ( Just because I am a lame typist.)
I love your creations and collections. Also I had to say I just saw 3 VG skirts that just went up on ebay
under novelty skirts a horse one a strawberry one and a firefly. Also I have a 60s lobster dress you would probably love if I can navigate this site I will send you a picture.
I collect mostly 50s novelty print skirt dresses and I absolutely loved that swirl wrap dress on your past Monday give away. If you want i can keep an eye open for VG things in California and pick them up if they are cheap. Also I have a collection of jeweled bug cardigans that I love that you might think are cute. Take Care Lisa

PS I accidentally hit the flagged button being new to this and do not know how to unflag I hope this is not a big problem. I thought it was a bookmark
should I contact someone does it matter? I even flagged myself like an idiot ; (

Anonymous said...

I want a mayfly shirt! I am knee deep writing a novel in which mayflies have a prominent role.