Wednesday, April 11, 2007

my life in pink

color week

{pink collage
in progress}

{morning tea}

{pink corner
in my home}

{garage sale find}

{easter blossoms
in the snow}



Anonymous said...

I love that you are making a collage for every colour, so full of creativity. That pink mug and the garage sale find is just so wonderful! Pink all around yay!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pinks! I'm loving these collages.

Anonymous said...

you new collages are fabulous gwen!

also really like your pink corner with the appearance of the mug..

shari said...

you lead such a colorful life gwen. your pink collage is fab. xo

f. pea said...

i am imagining you in a little pink cardigan. with matching tights.

Unknown said...

lovely! i do love pink. that print is great.

lisa solomon said...

your life looks good in any color!

bikeandbeer said...

you know i don't do much pink... it takes a LOT of influence from you (read: pink corduroy mini). but that lilly pulitzer, wow! what a find. have i seen it? i would have done turquoise monday gladly though...

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty! as always :x
& I love the collage.

Anonymous said...

fabulous pinks - adore that pink coffee mug :)

Amanda Jean said...

I am loving your photos and collages for color week. (including the yellow...) but I especially love pink, and all the pink photos make me so happy.