Wednesday, March 21, 2007

vessel wednesday

a vessel
vessel wednesday.
this is a beautiful vase
made by
my friend jeannine
a core student
that i met
when i was at
a few years ago.

. . . . .

from my walk
to the metro
last night.
the moon was bright
the sound
of spring peepers
filled the
night air.

. . . . .

i can hardly
until i
can wear
my striped tights

without freezing
to death.

hurry up spring!



Anonymous said...

freezing in striped tights?? you poor girl. your pols are delightful as always!! hugs and kisses to you!

Anonymous said...

Love your vessel and stripey tights, I am wishing for Spring to arrive too, it is grey, rainy and cold today.

shari said...

beautiful polas. love them all. the sound of spring peepers always makes me smile. come to durham if you don't want to freeze in your cute striped tights!! xx

f. pea said...

i second shari's motion. you must come to nc and be warm in your tights. maybe there are more cute tights here waiting for you...

amisha said...

i love those tights! and a beautiful vessel... your polaroids are always lovely.
hope you can wear spring clothes soon :)

Erin Lang Norris said...

i can't wait until spring either! although i don't have any cute tights like you do.

that vessel is wonderful!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

beautiful vessel pola!!
really looking forward to wear striped tights too :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful vessel and love the picture with your stripey tights!!!..the green and the pinks...xx

Anonymous said...

'Spring peepers' - I love that!

Carson said...

I've done some vanishing much catching up to do!
you've been busy I see, even a vessel wednesday! yay.
and a beautiful one too.
hope its a bugs life went well.

lisa solomon said...


i have to say - THOSE TIGHTS!