Saturday, January 06, 2007

a little history

when WWII ended
my mother was
an 11 year old
she spent her
teenage years
growing up
in war-torn
it is
no wonder,
when she turned
she left.

she went to sweden,
then london
(where she learned english),
and then ended up
in paris
in her early 20s...
just imagine
a 20 year old woman
alone in paris
in the 1950s.

she studied
at the the sorbonne,
and worked as a translator
for a german baron
as an au pair.

she lived
in paris
for many years
she talks
very little
about herself
and her life,
it was always clear
her years in paris
affected her.

in the late 50s
my father was
doing some
research with
some french scientists
which brought him
to paris
for a few months...

my father met
my mother
at the comedie francaise.
he came in late,
a lot of noise
she was annoyed.
but somehow
they got to talking
after the show
the rest is history-
the beginning
of my history.

i have always
to visit paris
with my mother.
grub and i
had an opportunity
to stay at
grub's publisher's condo
on the
ile saint-louis.
in paris...
since grub
couldn't go,
i asked {begged}
my mother
to go with me
so i could finally
see paris through
my mother's eyes...
through her memories.

i leave to spend
a week
with my mother
in paris.


read the
of another
amazing mother

. . . . .

i will be taking
a little pause...
i will be
back again
on the 17th
to share
many stories
a multitude
of photos.

until then,


MikaJ said...

Have fun over there! I am a 41 if you see any good clogs...


wow! have a safe and fun trip.


Anonymous said...

wow, such amazing personal histories....=)

lisa solomon said...

can't wait to hear about paris thru you and your mother's eyes.....

bon voyage....

Kerstin Svendsen said...

wow, i didn't realize you were going with your mom. how great. can't wait to hear about it. now i'm off to read haeshu's.
have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

wow..amazing gwen!! Have the best trip!!!! Cant wait to hear all of your stories xxx
ps. love this new collage down below and the photos are beautiful...

Anonymous said...

oh I can't wait to hear all about this trip :)
Have a wonderful time, I'll miss ya!


Anonymous said...

oh, i'm so happy for you!! have a good trip and enjoy paris!

tigerlilith said...

lucky you... i've only been to paris twice but everytime i think about where i want to go on my next holiday i always think of paris first. & how amazing to go with your mum & hear more about her stories! have a wonderful time...

Anonymous said...

wow! so incredible.
have a wonderful trip.

shari said...

gwen, hi!

how amazing...a chance to see paris through your mom's eyes. love the photos today. looking forward to more of your beautiful stories. you are the best storyteller, by the way!
have fun!! xo shari

Anonymous said...

safe and adventurous travels!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story, thank you for sharing your mother's history Gwen, the photos are nostalgic and deep rooted. Love your collage! Enjoy the trip.

Unknown said...

oh that is so wonderful! enjoy your time together! :D

Carson said...

Oh stop it already! The envy-inducing fabulosity of it all!
Bon voyage ;)

Austen said...

oh, neat. what a great opportunity (and a great story!). have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

oh gwen,
paris, how wonderful...
bon voyage,

Lisa said...

Gwen- have a marvelous time with your mother in Paris! Thank you for sharing her story with us. I cannot wait to see the fab photos you will take.

hannah said...

oh gwen i love those pictures of your mother! isnt it amazing to look at them and think of your parents as people instead of just parents? you will have such a wonderful trip, cant wait to see and hear more!

amisha said...

hi there,
new to your blog... such lovely photos & a beautiful story about your mother... i hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy seeing that world through her eyes.

Anonymous said...

What a post to leave me, everyone, wanting more! I shall be eagerly awaiting the photos and tumbling words in your next, post Paris post. Have a wonderful time discovering new things with your Mum.
Safe travels, g

Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely amazing - what a wonderful way to see paris, to touch those memories!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! You will have such an amazing time, I can't wait to hear about Paris through your eyes!

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely and intriguing story. i'm sure you two will have the best of times.